Props and Poses: Supported Yoga Away From Home

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”


This quote from a tea bag - recently posted by the good folks at Yoga Travel Tree - got me thinking about yoga-on-the-go.  Yoga is such an easy, transportable form of fitness, right?  If you’re a yogi who relies on the use of props, it may not be so simple.  So, how can one travel lightly but still maintain a regular yoga practice - especially one with props?  Look no further than your home away from home - the hotel room.  Here, you’ll find modifications to common asanas using props you can find in most standard hotel rooms.

If you don’t normally use props, this may be a good time to consider it! While travelling and away from your home base, you’re likely to be doing either a lot more or a lot less physical activity than in your normal routine.  Therefore, this may be a good time to give your muscles a break and modify your normal poses with some of these variations.


Yoga Block

An ice bucket or kleenex box holder each make easy substitutions for a yoga block.  I also used an upside down bowl, possibly present as room decorations, for support.


Half moon props yogatraveltree

Extended Side Angle

Triangle pose props and poses for supported yoga on the move yogatraveltree

Standing Forward Bend

Forward bend props yogatraveltree

Half Moon

Half moon props yogatraveltree

Seated Twist

yoga props yogatraveltree


yoga props yogatraveltree



 All hotel rooms come with a three ring binder full of hotel details, room service, and local attractions.  This can serve as a perfect wedge when supported with washcloth inside (to avoid damage).

Seated Forward Bend

yoga props yogatraveltree

Chair Pose

yoga props yogatraveltree

Yoga Strap

The strap from the robe provided by the hotel is a perfect substitution for a yoga strap.

Standing Big Toe Pose

yoga props yogatraveltree

Sidebending Mountain Pose

yoga props yogatraveltree

Reclining Big Toe Pose

 yoga props yogatraveltree


The cylindrical pillow from the hotel room bed makes a perfect support for your knees during Savasana.


yoga props yogatraveltree

What are your favorite on-the-go yoga props? Did we miss some awesome ones? Let us know in the comments below!

yoga props yogatraveltree


Rachel Wiegand has been an athlete her whole life but yoga has been the only constant throughout moves and life changes. A former personal trainer, she is now a practicing chiropractor in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and enjoys helping patients find a physical activity that fits their lifestyle best. In addition to yoga, she practices Pilates and is an avid Crossfitter. On her weekends you can find her teaching yoga at CrossFit Sheboygan, with her hubby at Lake Michigan on her paddleboard, or at the dog park with her boxer, Dug.

Images via: @angelanlan