OM ALL ABOUT IT - February 2, 2014

Top Picks: Yoga News of the Week


Surfs Up

yoga and surfers dating sites yoga news yogatraveltree

Yogis and surfers were found by Wired to be the most attractive  on dating sites like and OkCupid.


The Yoga Bowl

superbowl seahawks broncos yoga yogatraveltree

Last August, ESPN featured the Seahawks and their yoga and meditation practices, calling them an "experiment." It's safe to say the results were successful. Was yoga responsible for the Seahawks win over the Broncos?


Fashion with Function 

dress yoga pants news yogatraveltree

With jeggings, pajama jeans, and dress-sweat pants for men, Is the world ready for dress yoga pants? Or are they the latest in a trend of lazy american fashion. 


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Images via: SurfSimply, Washington Post, BetaBrand, The Boom Hotel