The Oddly Perfect Couple: Beer and Yoga

 Beer Yoga - Staying Fit & Guzzling Beer

It all started one afternoon, February 2014. I was doing yoga in my living room while my husband enjoyed a beer. I’m hanging out in Warrior 3 and he hands the beer to me to take a drink. I thought it would be funny to attempt to drink it while still in the pose. He told me how ridiculous I looked and snapped a pic. Finding it funny, I posted the photo to my personal Facebook account and it received over 100 “likes!” I thought, “Wow, how bizarre and cool. I wonder if anyone has made an Instagram page for this?” No one had, and so…@BEERYOGA was born!

Yoga and Beer

The message is this: you can absolutely love drinking beer and stay healthy while doing it, through yoga!  After all, life is all about balancing the things you love!

Did you know that beer and yoga have a connection? Well, they just so happen to love each other. There are yoga beers! That’s right! Breweries are brewing beers with yoga themed bottle artwork, clever names reminiscent of various yoga poses and beers with yogi names!

“Citra Mantra” from Otter Creek Brewing features a man in Lotus Pose. Awesome, right?



Most of the time, however, you have to get creative with your beer yoga photos!

Yoga and Beer“Citra Ass Down” from Against the Grain Brewery


unnamed-4“PB & J Pigeon Porter” from Spiteful Brewing


Other times, you simply have to do whatever pose your body feels like doing that day.



Still, the best thing to come from the “BeerYoga” madness has been the traveling! There are breweries scattered all over the country offering amazing beers and there are countless beer festivals going on all year long!


Get tipsy and yoga it up in front of strangers at America’s Oktoberfest, Great American Beer Festival in Denver!

Yoga and Beer


Schlafly Beer has a great little taproom to take flight at in St. Louis, Missouri…

Yoga and Beer


Three Floyds Brewing is killing it in Munster, Indiana…

Yoga and Beer


New Belgium Brewing in Ft. Collins, Colorado has the coolest tours!

Yoga and Beer


Now, I challenge you to join me in the “BeerYoga” movement on InstagramTwitter and Tumblr!
Next time you’re holding a difficult pose and get thirsty, reach for a beer! Cheers!