Meet Our Ambassadors: Cindy Mergen

Name: Cindy Mergen


Social Media Account of Choice: @cindy_loohuuimage1


Your Home base: Fort Collins, CO (mountains, craft breweries, and bicycles, oh my!)

Where does your yoga story begin?In a basement yoga studio in downtown Springfield, MO when I was 12 years old. My mom took me to yoga class with her (thanks, Mom!).

What got you hooked?
Lavender-scented eye pillows during savasana. I was 12, okay?! Also, like so many teenagers, I was awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin, and yoga encouraged that connection to my body, self-acceptance, and sense of belonging that I so needed and craved.


Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:
My latest obsession is Buti yoga. It combines yoga, plyometrics, tribal dance, and lots of booty shaking! Sure, it's not the most traditional yoga, but it connects me to the divine feminine within and makes me glow. Every woman (and man, for that matter!) deserves to feel that connection.


What do you love the most about traveling?

FREEEEDOOOOMMM!!! Exploring, indulging curiosity, connecting to humanity. Where would you most love to travel and why?IMG_6593

I would love to travel to Thailand. All of my adventures thus far (16 countries and counting!) have been to either Latin America or Europe. I want to experience a side of the world that is completely foreign to me. Plus, I wouldn't mind living on coconut water and pad Thai for a few months...I would balance out my all-noodle diet with plenty of yoga!


If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?

My adventure partner for life--my boyfriend Josh! He's damn good at building fires and bringing me joy, and that sounds to me like more than enough for us to thrive and live it up! I'm imaging that life would be like the movie "The Beach" before Leo goes insane. ;)


What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Just keep practicing! It doesn't matter what kind of yoga you're doing, or if you go to the most popular studio in town or practice in your living room. Everyone has different needs, so if it feels therapeutic to your mind, body, and spirit, then you're doing it right. Keep practicing.


Anything else?
Yeah--Yoga Travel Tree is the epitome of AWESOME! I'm so grateful to be part of this community of yoga-loving adventure addicts. <3