Introducing Sarah: Our Colorado Born Creative Genius

The Yoga Travel Tree team is lowering the veil and profiling the yogi's behind the company. No more "pay no attention to the yogi behind the curtain" on our end! We're real people with real experiences, passions, and drive - just like you!

Meet Sarah Monk: Colorado born, artistically driven, master of  both road and trail.


How did you get into yoga?

I started doing yoga as a training supplement to running my first year of college. It was an 8:00am Bikram-style hot yoga class, that happened three days each week. I would get up before the sun, log some miles and then stretch out my poor legs. I LOVED the teacher, she made a huge impact on me and helped me keep a positive attitude all throughout my university years.


What’s your favorite style of yoga and why?

Because of the Bikram background, it’s my guilty pleasure. It’s my yoga version of macaroni and cheese: not the healthiest, but every once in a while you indulge and it’s fantastic. I like the idea of vinyasa classes much more than Bikram, but it keeps drawing me in like a moth to a flame!


What’s your favorite way to travel?

ROAD TRIP! Airports are fun, but they stress me out. I love being in a car with another person for an extended amount of time. You talk about things that probably wouldn’t ever come up in everyday conversation, you have time to think deeply about things, come up with new ideas, and figure your life out. Some of the best times I’ve had with friends have been in a car on our way to some far-off destination. Plus, hours of excitement building up make it that much better when you actually get where you’re going!


If you could travel anywhere on earth, where would you like to go and why?

New Zealand. Because Hobbits. Just kidding, kind of. My ultimate travel experience is to be set loose upon New Zealand for a few weeks with nothing but a backpack and my man-friend. Everything about that place looks like my idea of paradise, and I want to walk every part of it.


What’s a personal goal you’ve accomplished in the last year?

SO MANY. I was injured from 2008-2013 and couldn’t run, so after a major surgery in 2012, last summer was my return to my favorite sport. I completed (and won, no biggie) my first Sprint Triathlon in June (1:15), I completed my first 200 mile relay-race in August (30:31) and my first half marathon in September (1:44). I also learned how to flow from crow to tripod headstand, and feel like a huge badass.


What is one of the most inspiring places you’ve traveled? Why?

North Cascades National Park. If you tell anyone about it, I’ll find you. It’s the third least-visited national park in the country, and it’s incredible. I’ve never felt more alone and empowered than when I was there. The wilderness is untamed, the trails and views are amazeballs, I felt like I could do anything. Including accidentally delete all my photos from a two week backpacking trip through Washington state. Whoops.

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