Introducing Rachel, Yoga Travel Tree's Partnership Wizard!


Rachel Rannow

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Your Home base:

Cairns, Australia

Where does your yoga story begin?

In the tiny mining town in Northern Minnesota where I grew up, I was introduced to the world of yoga in my very own living room. The 1989 Sport's Illustrated Super Shape-Up program included Elle Macpherson's Stretch and Strengthen cassette tape, and it was my favorite in the three-part series!

What got you hooked?

I dabbled off and on for years, until really coming into my practice through Hot Yoga. It was through doing the same series over and over and over again that I realized yoga is a journey that will never end. I can come to my mat again and again and every time it will be different. There will always be something to learn, always some way to grow. Once I came to understand yoga is effort and intention rather than chasing some ideal or perfection, I knew I had found my home.

Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:

I find picking a "favorites" a nearly impossible task. Color? Food? Movie? Song? I can talk myself into and out of my choices so quickly that really, it's just better not to go there. The inevitable conclusion of "but I like so many of them so much!" tends to make it a frustrating venture for all involved.

What do you love the most about traveling?

For me, traveling is very much about uncovering a place unknown. As I learn about a new place, an environment, and it's people, it sometimes (a lot of the time, actually) leads me to an internal discovery - through travel, I'm able to excavate aspects of myself I didn't know I had. Through new places and experiences, travel has always been an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Where would you most love to travel and why?

Through time and space. I could have all the answers to burning historical questions and future projections - who shot JFK? How where the pyramids built? What does the future of our planet and species look like? And will Twinkies outlast everything else?

If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?

The most badass multi-tool available. With a multi-tool, I could plan a daring escape by building a boat if the island isn't awesome or set up shop if it is. I'm convinced that with the right combination of knives, saws, scissors, tweezers, picks, files, pliers and bottle openers that multi-tools offer, I'd be covered either way I want to go!

What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Keep going! Even if it feels like you're not getting it, keep going. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing, keep going. Even if you don't want to keep going, keep going. Remember that there is no right or wrong, your yoga journey is unique to you. Yoga takes on as many forms as people: online communities and videos, gym or studio classes and courses, even employers and community centers are starting to offer yoga. With an endless combination of styles and teachers out there, you'll find something that resonates with you. There is a place for you in the yoga world - keep going until you find it.