Behind the Yoga: An Interview with the Founders of Life Source Retreats

We love Life Source Retreats. And we're pretty darn picky. They're yoga retreats have a twist. While they're all hosted by a retreat center in Tulum, Mexico, each retreat has an element that makes it a unique experience, something to write home about.

Our favorite upcoming retreats are the Power Light Retreat, and a Journey to the Heart.

The Power Light Retreat is a combination yoga, detox and bootcamp retreat, where you can simultaneously cleanse your mind AND body through various workshops and fitness classes. A Journey to the Heart is a more spiritual adventure, with meditation and workshops to help you dig deeper into your soul.

PLUS their location is BOMB. Situated on the coast of Mexico in the ancient city of Tulum, you'll have plenty of opportunity for beach-fun, and historical insights into the Mayan culture.

Life Source Retreats was created and co-owned by David Graziano and Michele Clark. Read on for a behind the yoga peek at what makes Life Source Retreats tick.



1. How did you get started doing yoga?

(Michele) I was actually at a Wayne Dyer Retreat in Maui and he was doing Bikram every day and looked great... I decided to join him (not knowing it was 90 min and 120 degrees) but I loved it so much I couldn't stop!

2. What is Life Source Retreats and how did you get started?

(Michele) Life Source Retreats are all-inclusive, luxury destination retreats that assist in fostering mind, body, spirit health and wellness.  They have started on the sacred sands of Tulum Mexico but will eventually travel the world.  We started them because we both wanted to create spaces where anyone could gather - no matter where on their spiritual life path they are, from from all over the world.  People come to learn, grow, lose weight, get strong, deepen their yoga, evolve, explore and relax but what they don't usually anticipate getting, is a beautiful connection with other like minded people people and an glimmer of a personal balance, inner peace and self care... that they can take home with them and continue to experience and enjoy long after their sun tan fades.  Life Source Retreats are vacations with a purpose.. and just about every person who leaves says "this changed my life".  And truly THAT is why we do what we do.

3. What's your #1 favorite thing about your retreats?

(Michele) The unexpected transformation we wee  in everyone.

4. Of all the places you've traveled for work and fun, what's been your favorite and why?

(Michele) That's a tough one for me ... Tulum is MAGICAL and like no place on earth.  it's got the whitest sand beaches and torquoice waters I've ever seen.  For other reasons though, I also love Cape Town South Africa, New Zealand and Florence Italy!

5. What's your advice for anyone who thinks that going on a yoga retreat isn't an option for them?

(Michele) We have so many people who come who have never even tried "Yoga" (as well as advanced Yogi's). I would say OUR Yoga Retreat is for anyone who wants to show up and not have to think about anything once you arrive.  we have the best places, times, Shaman, experiences, food, prooperty, beach etc etc you can imagine.  Unless you want to be completely alone and do all the work that's required to really find the best of the best ... just show up and we'll take care of you.

6. Where do you think the yoga industry is headed?

(Michele) It's one of the biggest booming industries in the world.  David has more stats that I do.  I just know all of my friends are talking about it!

7. What's your advice for anyone out there eager to lead their own retreat or become a yoga entrepreneur?

(Michele) We have created an incredible opportunity for people to do this - that's never been done before and isn't so scary.  no deposits required... reach out to us and we'll explain.  if you have the vision & determination, we can make it a reality.

8. If you were a yoga pose, what yoga pose would you be?

(Michele) Warrior 1


For more information on Life Source Retreats, please visit their website!