Injury: Is it Really Such a Bad Thing? The Answer Might Surprise You

The Power of Injury


I invite you to look at injury in a different way: as a form of healing and improving yourself.  

When I injured my lower back two months ago, I never would have thought that I would be grateful for the experience. Now that I am feeling better, I can look back on those times of awful, falling to the floor, pain, and feel better about it. Injury has a silver lining because it can teach you to slow down and respect your body. [wp_ad_camp_1]

  First up, injury teaches us to slow down, allow the body to heal, and allow our minds to quiet. At first your mind will fight the lack of activity, but it will be calmed in time. When I went to the doctor I was simply told to rest and let time heal. This was incredibly frustrating as I am an active person. To hear a medical professional tell you that there is not much to be done but to take it easy, that’s down right irritating! But essential. Slowing down your practice can be tough in such a fast-paced world. Our daily lives are so busy that yoga can sometimes feel hurried as well; just one more thing to fit in. But moving away from a vigorous practice into a slower, restorative practice is sometimes exactly what the body and mind needs. Replace the word injury with healing. This is a healing time.  

Maybe even use this new, relaxed situation as a way to try new things. For example, if you can’t get through your regular Vinyasa class, then try a Yin practice at home, learn about natural remedies, take a bubble bath, meditate more, read, make a home cooked meal every night; draw things more inward. This will help teach you to extend these self-care practices beyond your injury. Embrace this time of healing as a way to recuperate both physically and mentally, and hopefully extend the practices into your daily life.   Injury or healing also provides a beautiful lesson in respecting our bodies. Plain and simple, when we injure our bodies it makes us very aware of what the body can and cannot do, what it could, and now cannot do, whether permanent or temporary. This can be a very trying time for everyone of every age because we like to be in control, but we must learn to listen to our bodies. How many times do you hear people say, “My back hurts today, but I’m going to yoga class anyway because I need to workout”? Yoga is about respecting your body, your temple, being at one with it. But if you fight it, this could lead to more serious problems. Drop the ego and give your body time. We only get one body, so respect the place where your soul resides.





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