The Importance of the Small Stuff


"A small leak can sink a great ship," - Benjamin Franklin.


It's easy to overlook the importance of small things, since we often gravitate towards "bigger is better." The current bee situation is a great example. The health of our bee population is critical to our existence, yet these small beings are constantly being pressured by big external stresses like pesticide applications,commercial breeding, and inadequate ecosystems.

I'd like to inspire you to become more aware, and appreciative of the small things in your life. Not only bees, but the seemingly insignificant things that can improve your attitude throughout your daily routine.

Take my kitchen chalkboard for example.

chalkboard simple life yogatraveltree

While I certainly could have done without it, I decided that since I cook at home so frequently, I wanted to recreate that feeling you get when you read through a menu at a restaurant. Writing on my chalkboard is an incredibly joyful experience, as it encourages anticipation, creativity and gratefulness. Now when I sit down to eat my dinner, I savor every bite.

What small things in your life provide you with great happiness?



  • Putting on socks that came straight from the dryer on a cold day
  • Watching the sunset
  • Hugging someone you love
  • Smiling at a stranger
  • Reading a book on a rainy day


I invite you all to share two small things that would make you happy, or already make you happy. Just the simple act of writing them down will make a positive impact on your day!


Flora McKay is a yoga lover, recipe writer, nutrition and wellness educator, environmental advocate, and nature enthusiast. With her background in sustainable development and a passion for educating children and families about healthy living, she finds joy in sharing her love of yoga, food and life with others!

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