The Importance Of Safe Travel

  Part of the joy of being human on this wonderful rock we call home is the chance to explore everything this earth has to offer.  The thrill of new sights, the journeys we embark upon, the people we meet and the foods we eat; all of this influences how we get to live our lives, tell our stories and leave our legacies.  Although we at Yoga Travel Tree pride ourselves on providing the most spectacular adventures and yoga retreats possible, we do want to stress that as with any type of travel, there are some universally known rules or guidelines you should keep in mind.

1.  Do Your Research

When traveling to any new area, it’s important to understand where you are going.  Aside from picking out where you want to stay, what restaurants you want to visit, or what attractions you plan on exploring, it’s important to know and really understand the area that you're visiting.  Do your homework and find out some of the laws, rules and regulations of where you are visiting.  Does this new region have a history of political instability?  How prone is this area to natural disasters or bad weather?  How do the locals respond when meeting outside travelers?  All of this is just as important as finding the best place to grab authentic local cuisine, a rockin’ beach front hotel, or a guided tour through the mountains and jungles.

2.  Contact Friends And Family

This tip is especially important if you plan on traveling solo.  Make sure your friends, family, and any other important entities (credit card companies, banks, post office) know that you will be traveling abroad.  It not only helps keep a piece of mind for everyone else, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in your journey knowing that you have people back home keeping an eye on you.

3.  Share The Experience

What’s better than going on your own adventure?  Sharing that adventure!  Having a friend or family member with you on your travels can be a game changer.  Not only will you be able to experience so many new and different things together; you’ll have someone to share these stories with for the remainder of your life.  In addition, traveling together can also help you stay a lot safer when out and about in a new area.  If you get lost, not to worry, you’re lost together!  Having someone by your side is an excellent way to travel, regardless of where you go.

4.  Pack And Prepare

Remember the phrase “Don’t work harder, work smarter”?  Well, the same holds true for travel.  Rather than packing a suitcase full of things you only “think” you may need, it really helps in the long run to only bring what’s absolutely necessary; things that will truly aid you in your trip.  Traveling to a destination with a beach?  Obviously a bathing suit, towel and sunscreen are in order.  Instead of throwing in a jacket, bring along a hoodie or sweat shirt to minimize luggage.  Packing in excess will only weigh you down when traveling, create anxiety, and limit the amount of adventuring you’ll be able to do.  Do your research, understand the difference between what you need to pack vs. what you want to pack, and go about your journey knowing you're prepared to the fullest extent.

5.  Use Common Sense

The final tip I have for you:  Use Common Sense.  Listen to your body.  Be cautious of your surroundings.  Understand where you are.  Be present.  Follow your instincts.

For more information, tips, and how to stay safe when traveling, visit our tips page here!


Feature Image Credit: Michał Stefanów