The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

We live in times when we are constantly on the go, and  during the holiday season we are especially prone to burn out. We are not supposed to be tired; we are not allowed to take breaks. We must strive for greatness and be overachievers. The people who do not want to participate in a rat race do not count... But in the long term this kind of lifestyle is not sustainable.


Our bodies love us unconditionally...

Our bodies are not able to cope with the demands of modern times. Our minds cannot store all the information we are obliged to know and keep up with the technological advancements and constant demands to learn more, be faster and more efficient. Our bodies love us unconditionally and support us as much as they can, no matter what we subject them to, whether it's unhealthy diet, excess coffee or alcohol, no sleep, no rest, no exercise... But as much as they are there for us, if we do not listen to them, sooner or later they will start getting sick, malfunctioning and just deteriorating. Even the best car if not taken care of properly will break. The most modern computer if not maintained properly will crash... so will our body...

The first signs that a breakdown about to happen are running low on energy, and feeling exhausted and burnt out. It happens to all of us. If we feel tired but refuse to let go, and continue to perform all activities with the help of energy drinks, coffee, sugar and without proper rest, sooner or later we will end up falling sick or completely burnt out. What's more working when exhausted doesn't help our performance. We operate on the lower efficiency and risk making more mistakes, being less creative and slower. This sooner or later will lead to complete shutdown- I call it "being in overdrive mode". In this state we are not able to perform our jobs; it's hard to care about anything and we are prone to getting seriously sick.


...the crucial ingredient of self-care is rest.

If we do not listen to our body and do not deliver what it needs, it will crash and won't be able to support us in our daily activities. The modern epidemic of adrenal fatigue is the sign that a lot of us subject ourselves to this cycle and deal with after-effects of it. Usually, we blame our body, forgetting that we worked for it for some time. We never see the whole picture... I know there are deadlines, and bills to be paid, and projects that our life depends on but we forget that these things will not count at all if we lose our health. In order to accomplish anything in our lives we need to be strong, energetic, resilient and most importantly healthy. Apart from a good diet, the crucial ingredient of self-care is rest. Relaxation is the most neglected aspect of our lifestyle.

If you feel tired, exhausted and burnt out as it happens to all of us in this crazy world, do not resist it. Listen to your body and take a needed break, take some me-time, do yoga, chill, relax, meditate, read a book or catch up on a needed sleep. It will help you restore the depleted sources of energy and heal the parts of your body that are on the verge of sickness. Do the things that need to be taken care of and forget about things that are not urgent. If you do not have to attend a certain event just skip it. If you don't have to finish something tomorrow just do it next week. If you can see your friend on other day, reschedule them. After few days of taking a vacation from social engagements, business world and everything else, you will feel energized and ready to rock and roll. Relax and get your juices ready. DO NOT feel guilty for taking a break. Your body will thank you for that...


Margo Gladys, CHC, is a health and beauty coach based in New York, whose specialty is helping women attain beauty and confidence from within. Her unique approach in working with clients is based on the notion that looks depend on the inside rather than the outside and no amount of cosmetics and external procedures work if a person doesn't eat right, live well, and cherish their body. Margo offers one-on-one consultations, as well as personally designed holistic programs for weight loss and management, skin enhancement and overall health improvement. Sessions are conducted in person, via Skype or over the phone. Visit her website and find her on Facebook for more information. 

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