How to Get Your Dad to do Yoga

[wp_ad_camp_1] Many dads around the world are missing out on yoga’s benefits with each day that passes. Why do they choose to miss out? There are many misconceptions about yoga and many men believe that yoga is only for women, for starters. When in fact, yoga was created with the male body in mind and practiced by men only. Crazy, right? So if you want to get your dear ole’ dad into a yoga class with you, you need to tell him about the benefits and dismiss the rumors he might have heard from his group of friends.


6 yoga benefits for dad

Flexibility & Balance

As men get older, their bodies tense up and can become more unbalanced. Yoga will allow the body to be stretched out, increase flexibility and promote better overall balance. If your dad is more flexible and balanced, his everyday activities will be much easier, golf swing included!

Stress Relief

Everyone needs stress relief, especially your dad. Going to the gym where he might be doing cardio, lifting weights or even punching a bag can actually increase stress levels. A yoga practice actually promotes stress relief. Who wouldn't want to escape from the stress of their jobs or every day worries? Yoga provides a mini vacation in the mind, and will be sure to make dad a lot happier!

Better Sleep

Yoga reduces stress levels and relaxes the whole body, which in turn promotes better sleep at night.

Building Muscle

Your dad may love the gym because he’s able to use weights to build up muscle. Little does dad know that yoga allows you to gain muscle by using your own body as a weight. You’re putting your body into different positions that have to support your muscles and the weight of your body. It can actually be more challenging!

 Prevent Injury

Yoga is a practice where you’re taught to release the voice of your ego. When it comes to working out the ego is the voice that tells you to push harder, to outperform others and to go against what your body is calling out for. By learning to listen to your body in yoga, your dad is most likely to apply it to his other workout or daily routines, which in turn will prevent injury.

Quiet the Mind

Let’s face it our minds never stop chattering. One minute you can be all happy and giddy in the present moment, and then suddenly a negative thought creeps in and is repeated until you’re no longer happy. Yoga focuses on breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation which helps focus the mind on the present moment, which you can take off the mat and into everyday life.


Yoga has so many mental and physical benefits to the body, flexibility, balance, stress relief, better sleep cycles, muscle toning, injury prevention and a much quieter mind. Hopefully you told your dad about all of these amazing benefits, or sent it straight to his inbox! If he seems interested, go online together and find a yoga studio that has some beginner classes and get him on that yoga mat!

Images via: @yogaforallbeings