How to Get a Girlfriend: Do Yoga.


We all know yoga has tons of physical benefits, but no one really talks about how the physical awesomeness melds into your real life. If you’ve been struggling to find the right girls for you, whether you’re looking for “the one” or a lighthearted fling, starting your own yoga practice can help you find her.

Worried you’ll be the only dude? Isn’t that the point? Joking! But really, we’ve covered the basics of why guys should do yoga, and you should check it out.

Let’s get to the point: How to get a girlfriend.

Starting and developing a yoga practice can help you find your mojo AND the girl of your dreams. Yeah, we're not talking about just going pick up girls at your local gym (that doesn't work, I promise), but put some work into it and you’ll reap ALL the benefits. Benefits for days!


You practicing yoga tells her that...

1. You like trying new things and you’re open minded.

Starting a yoga practice means you’re open to the idea that doing yoga can make you a better person for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the strength aspects of poses that appeals to you most, or the range of motion increasing flexibility inherent in yoga, or perhaps the mental goodness involved. Whatever your reason for starting to build a practice, the ladies will see you on your mat, and know you’re open to new adventures, ideas and personal growth. Win, win, and win.


2. You know you’re a badass.

How to Get a Girlfriend: Do Yoga -

Showing up to a class and owning your yoga practice means you’re not pansy enough to think yoga is for pansies. Men in yoga classes come off as self-confident, secure in their sexuality, above social stereotypes and smart enough to know that those stereotypes are dumb and wrong. There’s nothing a woman loves more than a confident man. Self-assuredness in traditionally awkward situations shows ladies you don’t give a crap what other people think of you, and maybe if they’re lucky they’ll see some more of that confidence in the bedroom (wink, wink)

If you’re not totally confident in class yet, fear not. Yoga is all about personal growth, and as your practice develops you’ll gain that confidence, feel better and act like the badass you know you are.


3. You are physically fit, and health motivated.

Men who have an established yoga practice are hot. Ask any woman. It takes a great deal of strength and endurance to move into and maintain some postures, which improves muscle function in a variety of ways. Everyone knows fit people are better lovers, and with the added bonus of flexibility yoga gives you, well, you get the idea…

Afraid yoga will negatively impact your gains? Don’t be. Yoga and weightlifting are actually a perfect match, just like you and that girl yoga class. the Strength acquired through lifting weights translates to the ability to achieve some of the most challenging postures in yoga, and the flexibility yoga brings to the table improves range of motion and efficiency in lifting. Ever seen that guy doing half-pullups because he’s only working his biceps? Don’t be that guy. Get on your mat.


4. Your head's in the right place.

How to Get a Girlfriend: Do Yoga -

If you’ve been to a yoga class before, you know that the poses are only a small part of the yoga equation. The mental aspects of yoga are much more important during, and after practice. The mental benefits of yoga are endless, from reduced stress and mental clarity, to improved cognitive function and self-awareness. When you do yoga regularly, you begin to carry yourself differently. You’ll be more relaxed, sure of yourself, think more clearly and know what it is you want and need from a partner. Meditation might seem hinkey, but if you take it seriously, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


5. You’re basically MacGyver.

Yoga teaches you adaptability, patience, acceptance and the ability to let go of the shit that don’t matter. Many people don’t like yoga because it can be incredibly frustrating. Falling out of poses is common, and falling out of a pose you did amazingly yesterday is even more common. It’s called practicing yoga for a reason.

When you do yoga regularly, balance muscles improve, focus improves and you’ll be able to hold poses for longer. If you become frustrated just remember to shut your ego (the voice in your head that tells you “you suck”) up. You are where you are, and that’s exactly where you should be. Without even noticing, you’ll start to bring this acceptance into the real world, and you’ll find yourself tackling problems from new angles, not getting annoyed by usual pet peeves, and finding ways to grow from failures. The women in your life will notice these changes too.


6. You’re picking up what she’s putting down.

How to Get a Girlfriend: Do Yoga -

Most women know something about yoga. You don’t need to be looking for a yoga girl for yoga to be a shared interest with potential partners, most women wear yoga pants anyway. If it happens to crop up in conversation, just remind her about the main points mentioned in this article. She’ll be even more curious and interested in you, and your story. Who wouldn’t want an open-minded, confident, physically fit (and flexible), adaptable, mentally tough man who likes the same things as her?


There you have it!

Keep in mind that the when you begin to develop a yoga practice you also begin to develop yourself and the things mentioned above will come naturally to you. The more connected with your inner self you become, the more your outer self will reflect that connection. You’ll begin to feel relaxed, confident, like a boss. People will notice your badassery, especially the ladies.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear yoga pants to do yoga.


Sarah Monk is a die-hard native Coloradan, fitness addict and yoga instructor. She uses her role of Director of Marketing at Yoga Travel Tree to help bring yogis in need of down-time to their perfect travel experience, and is actively working to grow an online fellowship of yoga-lovers. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her man (sorry boys) and their two furry kids, Nikki and Gala. Follow Sarah on Twitter and on Instagram.

Images via: @seasideyogi, @febbers, @jkrocket