9 Tips for How to Become a Morning Person

[wp_ad_camp_1] It's 6:20am on a Tuesday and the alarm is ringing repeatedly. You can't bring yourself to get out of bed. You hit snooze. Nine minutes goes by and the alarm blares again. This time you jump out of bed because you realize that you needed to be in the shower at 6:25am so that you could walk out the door at 7am. Panic sets in. You will rush to get to work for your conference call or staff meeting. You wonder, how on earth do I do this to myself morning after morning?

Don't worry. You are not alone. So many people struggle with getting out of bed and off to work while feeling rushed. For many, it's not just the week days. Even on weekends when there are things to be done and places to go, many often struggle with maintaining their calm and being on time. Not to worry, here are nine tips for how to become a morning person that will help you to wake up on the right side of the bed, and maintain your yogi zen as you move through your day.


1. Lay out your clothes the night before

Going to work? Pick out everything that you will need in the morning to get dressed the night before. This includes accessories and shoes. Put your gym clothes in your bag along with shoes, socks and anything else you might need. You won't believe how much time you waste in the mornings picking out your outfit and putting everything together for the day in the mornings!


2. Avoid caffeine after 6pm

All caffeine can keep you awake, even caffeine in tea. Avoid it at all costs. It'll increase your heart rate and keep your mind racing throughout the evening. With a racing mind, you won’t be able to fall asleep when you want. Even if you are a caffeine addict, keep your consumption under control. Your body will thank you at bedtime.


3. Go to bed with a clean room

Who really wants to wake up with a messy room? No one. Clean up your crap. Fold your laundry, put away your clothes. Vacuum your room, wipe down the counters in the bathroom. Dust your living room. Now, I am not saying that every night before bedtime, do a massive cleaning, but if you tidy up your stuff at night you won’t feel so overwhelmed when you wake up in the morning. A clean room is a clean mind. Get that mind cleared out the night before. Put away all your shit!


4. Crack a window

Get some of that lovely fresh air in your room or apartment. The air in your house can become so stale and nasty when it is closed up and locked all day, get rid of it! Open those windows. If you are leaving your windows open while you sleep, make sure that you have some sort of lock on them so that you don’t have to worry about the unlikely event of an unexpected and un-welcomed house guests. Open those windows and let that fresh air blow in!


5. Leave your shades open just a little

When your shades are open, the morning light will shine in and gradually wake you up. I know we all love black-out curtains but unfortunately those black-out shades can keep us in a deep sleep a lot longer than we want. On the weekends, after a big night out, those curtains are wonderful, but if you are looking to ease into your morning, open the curtains up a tad and let the light shine! Try it tonight, your body will thank you in the morning. You will wake up feeling more refreshed and energized than if you slept in complete darkness.


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6. Wake up early

Now you don’t need to wake up with the roosters at 4:30am, but set that alarm a little earlier than usual and give yourself some time to wake up gradually. Lay in bed, read a book, respond to personal (not work) emails, catch up with a friend who lives on the other side of the world, anything to bring you some early morning joy. Ease into your day!


7. Eat Breakfast

I know it goes without saying, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Start your morning off with something high in protein--an egg, maybe some yogurt. Anything to kick start your metabolism, body and mind. Don’t wait to eat either, if you are on the go, grab a banana or apple! Avoid foods that are high in sugar as they will give you a burst of energy then leave you with a crash later in the morning.


8. Work out

Don’t wait to work out after you have spent your whole day working away at your desk. Set that alarm to go off earlier and hit the gym, go for a run or to a yoga class. Whatever you need to get that heart rate pumping. Anything will work--including waking up your gorgeous partner who is sleeping next to you. Even if it is just a quick workout, you will thank yourself the rest of the day. The endorphins that you body releases will pick you up and carry you throughout your day. Plus, you are feel to meet your friends for happy hour, grocery shop, run errands, and just be productive in general after work. You will have already gotten your workout, how awesome is that?


9. Drink a giant glass of water

Start every day with a massive glass of water. There are so many health benefits to beginning your day with a big glass of water, such as helping your body’s cells rejuvenate, helping your skin to glow, purifying the colon and renewing your lymph system. Not to mention that big ol’ glass of water will get things flowing in your body, which isn’t that what everyone wants first thing in the morning? So go ahead and drink up! Your body will love you for it.


Images via: @pinktrotters