Hot Tub Yoga: Boost Your Health and Flexibility

  Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to help you reconnect and improve your health. Sometimes positioning your body into the poses can be difficult. Muscle stiffness, arthritis, and other joint pain can make yoga difficult to do. One way to help relieve pain and soothe aching joints is through hydrotherapy. While you are soaking in the warm water, why not take the opportunity to practice some hot tub yoga.

This may be a new idea to many, but hot tub yoga is an excellent way to promote strength and flexibility without causing stress to your muscles and joints. You may be wondering how you’re going to attempt downward facing dog or the crane pose in your hot tub (you’re not, by the way), but simple stretches in the warm water can provide huge benefits.

Check out 5 of my favorite moves to do in a hot tub:

1. Shoulder stretch.

Lift one arm up and bend your elbow, letting your hand touch your back. Take your other hand and gently pull the elbow towards the center of your head. Lean your head back against the alternate arm and hold for 3-5 breaths. Release your elbow and repeat on the other side. Do this a few times on both sides.

2. Hamstring stretch.

Place one foot in front of you (use one of the benches in the hot tub) and with the other foot placed firmly on the bottom of the spa. With both arms, reach out in front of you, leaning your chest towards your outstretched knee, and hold it there for 3-5 counts. You can add some more difficulty to this move by interlocking your fingers behind your back before bringing your chest to your knee.

3. Core strengthener.

Sit up straight with your hands and hips on the bench of the hot tub, and allow your feet to float up towards the surface; make sure you are balanced with your tailbone. Relax your face and lift your legs to create a V shape with your body. Bend your knees into your chest, then extend them straight again. Continue this move 10-15 more times.

4. Helicopter twist.

Place your feet hip distance apart in the hot tub and bend your knees. In a smooth movement, swing both arms while you twist from side-to-side. Be sure to turn your head along with your arms.

5. Side angle posture.

With one leg, slightly bent, in front of you, straighten the back leg. Place the forearm on the front kee, matching the knee (i.e. left arm is on the right leg) and reach the other arm back behind your head for a deep, long reach. Hold for 3-5 counts and then release, bringing your arm back up. Then with the other hand resting on the back leg, reach up with the arm in front. To understand this move a little better, here is a great video by Hot Tub Yoga to check out.

By taking some time each day to stretch and do some simple exercises, you can improve your flexibility, posture, and tone your muscles; avoiding any additional strain to your body. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for after working out to help your body recover faster, lessen any swelling, and relieve muscle soreness.

Always speak with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

About the Author:

Danielle Adams is a fan of holistic living, healthy eating and all things yoga. When she isn’t attending a yoga class, Danielle enjoys relaxing in her hot tub, writing, and hanging out with friends.

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