The Heart Chakra - The Center of love

You know the feeling when you are watching a beautiful sunset, a star-filled sky or staring into the eyes of your loved one. Your chest is about to burst with an inexplicable feeling of love, happiness and joy. We all carry these infinite feelings of love and compassion in our heart. They are feelings so vast they cannot be expressed with words. This is also what the fourth chakra is all about; love, compassion and infinite joy.

Anahata - Green centre of love

The Anahata chakra, also named the Heart chakra, is located in your chest at heart level. This chakra is the centre of love, joy, happiness, and generosity. It connects the lower chakras to the higher ones, balancing our body and spirit, making it an important chakra for our spiritual development. The word Anahata in Sanskrit means unbeaten or unstruck.

The color of this chakra is green, and it is represented by a lotus with 12 petals. The main lesson of the Heart chakra is that we learn to love and accept ourselves before we can show pure love and acceptance to others around us. Whereas the lower chakras are representing the physical elements, desires and emotions, the Heart chakra encourages us to follow our higher self, to follow our heart.

A balanced Anahata chakra supports us in being kind and compassionate towards all beings. We feel outgoing and at ease with ourselves and the people around us. We can easily accept others the way they are, and this loving kindness is also felt by others. People feel comfortable and safe in our loving, generous presence. With an open Anahata chakra we can also forgive others from the purity of our open hearts.

Imbalances in the Anahata Chakra

If we have suffered emotionally, we tend to protect our wounds by creating an emotional shield around our hearts. We don't want to make ourselves vulnerable in the fear of getting hurt. When the Anahata chakra is not balanced, we can have a lack of trust towards people around us. We may feel unloved, not appreciated and we may have difficulty loving ourselves fully. Feelings such as hate, fear, anger and envy may take over, and we may feel unable to feel deep joy and happiness.

Overactive Anahata chakra

An overactive Heart chakra may make it difficult to control your feelings. Whether feelings of happiness and joy, or feelings of grief and despair, they will just wash over you without control. You may feel insecure, and find it difficult to love others freely without conditions. As it is difficult to accept yourself with an overactive heart chakra, it is difficult to accept love from others as well. This may lead to pleasing others in order to gain love.

Deficient Anahata chakra

A deficient Heart chakra may cause negativity in thoughts and feelings. You may feel like you want to keep yourself at distance from others, feel like it's hard to trust others or to let them in all the way to your heart. When we protect ourselves too much from getting hurt, we close the gates into our hearts. This way we close off also all the beautiful and wonderful things, which can lead us to feel isolated and lonely, without any real connections to others.

On the physical level imbalances in the fourth chakra can affect lungs and the heart, it can cause pain in the chest and disturbances in the blood pressure.

Balancing your love centre

When balancing the Anahata chakra, love is the key. Love towards yourself, and consequently love and acceptance towards others. You can ask yourself, what would my heart do? What does my heart want? Following the advice we receive from the heart and having faith in it will restore the balance into the Heart chakra.

As the heart chakra is all about compassion and love, it encourages us to reach out, to go beyond ourselves and to find a way to reach out to others. You can find a way to help others by volunteering, or by finding another way where you are contributing to those around you and connecting from your heart to the hearts of others. Care for nature around you, and extend your loving compassion to animals as well. Animals can be great teacher of unconditional and pure love.

Being open to the emotions and feelings we hold inside will also help get past the blockages. Accept the feelings you have, observe them and try to invite them to the surface with kindness. Try to open the gates to your heart and face yourself and others with a heart that does not need a shield.

The element of the Anahata chakra is air, and the color is green. These elements are found in nature, and you can surround yourself with air and green for comfort and balance. As the air is all around you, so is love. Breathe in the air, feel the air on your skin and imagine breathing in the ultimate acceptance which is found in nature.

In the next article we will explore yoga poses which are helpful for balancing the Heart chakra.

How is your Heart chakra?

In order to find out how open and balanced your Heart chakra is, ask yourself whether it is easy for you to truly love and accept yourself as you are? Do you feel open to others, and do you feel connected to those around you, whether to people, nature or animals?

To strengthen the fourth chakra, remind yourself daily:

I am open to love. I am wanted and loved. I am connected with other human beings.



Feature image credit: The Real Estreya