Epic 2013 Yoga Lovers Holiday Gift Guide - Get Excited!


Happy Holidays from YogaTravelTree!

To help you keep your zen throughout this crazy holiday season, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for the yogis in your life!

The Epic Yoga Lovers Holiday Gift Guide  is organized by yoga interest, and we've got everyone from hot yogis to meditation junkies covered. Ahimsa (nonviolence) is key here at YogaTravelTree, so each of the featured products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and many work hard to give back to the community. We hope you find this guide a helpful, stress-reducing resource for your holiday season! Namaste

The YogaTravelTree Team

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The One Who Has it All

yoga holiday gift guide yogatraveltree yogi has it all1. Lotus Necklace by Erica Sara Designs

Why We Love it: These necklaces are hardy and gorgeous! Made of stainless steal, they'll maintain their shine throughout the sweatiest of yoga classes.  Yoga Travel Tree fans will receive 10% off at checkout with the code "YOGATREE"

2. The Alpha Loop by Loopasana

Why We Love it: Halfway between mat sling and yoga strap, the Alpha loop is a great versatile tool to deepen your practice. Yoga Travel Tree fans will receive 20% off orders with code "YOGATRAVEL"

3. Wellness Journal by Moleskine

Why We Love it: Its durable, it's organized, it's perfect for recoding notes on your practice and other activities. If your yogi likes to see progress, this is their journal!

4. rDot by Yogitoes

Why We Love it: Think blocks take balance out of yoga postures? Think again! This block maintains the wobble, making poses accessible like a normal block, but maintaining the challenging aspect of balance.

5. Just Breathe Vintage Style Print by The Love Shop

Why We Love it: This gorgeous print well help any yogi get into the meditative mood. Wall art is a great way to get motivated, and keep on track when practicing at home!

6. Yoga Paws by Yoga Paws

Why We Love it: The ultimate travel yoga mat! Perfect for yogis on the go, simply slide on your yoga feet and it's like wearing a mat on your hands and feet. Find your yoga anywhere (literally)! Yoga Travel Tree readers can get  20% off at checkout with the code "TT20"

The Hot-Lover

Yoga Gift Guide Hot Yoga Bikram yogatraveltree

1. rSkidless Yoga Towel by Yogitoes

Why We Love it: It's in the headlines for a reason folks, this towel straight up rocks! With the patented Skidless technology, this towel stays put through your craziest flows, soaking up the sweat as you go.

2. Portable Mat Wipes by Jo-Sha

Why We Love it: Infused with essential oils, these traveling wipes sanitize your mat and leave a refreshingly clean-smelling scent, so the next time you unroll you smell flowers instead of BO.

3. Eddy Insulated Water Bottle by CamelBak

Why We Love it: It's made of BPA free plastic, spill proof and insulated to keep water cool in the hottest of studio rooms.

4. Elastic Bra Top by Onzie

Why We Love it: Stylish and functional, this little number will stay in place and give you the support you need while you flow through your class. Wicking fabric dries quickly post-yoga. Yoga Travel Tree fans can receive 10% off orders by using the coupon code "YOGATRAVELTREE"

5. The String Along Short by HotDrop

Why We Love it: Made for hot yoga, these shorts are versatile, functional and super cute. By using the side ties, you can adjust the length to fit your preference, and the wicking fabric is sure to dry quickly after class is done. Yoga Travel Tree readers get 25% off at checkout by using the discount code "YogaTravelTree"

The Manly Yogi

yoga gift guide for men yogatraveltree

1. Triblend Tee by Spiritual Gangster

Why We Love it: This tee says yogi without saying wimpi. Soft, triblend cotton and a narrower-than-boxy fit will make this shirt a favorite for sure.

2. Real Men Do Yoga by John Capouya

Why We Love it: Sports writer Capouya highlights the benefits of yoga for men by featuring 21 professional athletes and their yoga practice. It's all the good information without any fluff, just like men.

3. Eco Track Short by 4-rth

Why We Love it: Not too wide, not too tight, not too long, not to short, these shorts are the goldilocks option: a perfect middle of the line short. Breathable, mid-weight fabric has the stretch and durability to last through any pose. Yoga Travel Tree fans will receive 10% all orders AND free shipping by using the code "YogaTravelTree"

4. Mi 800 Water Bottle by MiiR

Why We Love it: This bottle is not only a sweet, stainless steel canister of awesome, it also gives back to the community. For every bottle purchased, MiiR takes your money, finds charitable projects to give it to, people get clean water, then it tells you exactly where your dollars ended up. How cool is that?

5. Mens Grooming Kit by Burt's Bees

Why We Love it: Whats not to love about a well-groomed dude? The kit includes Shave Creme, Aftershave, Body Wash, Lip Balm and Hand Salve.

6. Black Mat PRO 85"  by Manduka

Why We Love it: This is the escalade of yoga mats. Thick and extra long for manly height, Manduka mats always deliver, never slide.  Grab one of these baby's and never have to wipe your hands on your pants again. Click the following link and you can receive $15 off orders of $125, $25 off $150 and $50 off $250+ Decemeber Tiered Promo! Use code: unrollJOY

The Enlightenment Seeker

gift guide yoga meditation yogatraveltree

1. Zafu Meditation Cushion by Hugger Mugger

Why We Love it: Get that spine straight! Meditation cushions provide needed postural support for the longest of meditation sessions. Filled with organic buckwheat, this cushion keeps its shape om after om.

2. Patanjali Yoga Sutras by Inner Splendor Meditation Music and Yoga Project

Why We Love it: Know a yogi who loves chanting? This CD set has recordings of amazingly talented chanters speaking the words of Patanjali, with a non distracting background of flutes music. While it might not be the best learning tool, for the experienced chanter it would be impossible not to sing along.

3. Bhagavad Gita by Stephen Mitchell

Why We Love it: This translation of the Gita is one of the best out there. The translated text is beautifully composed and it's complete with background notes for those unfamiliar with the struggles of Arjuna.

4. Essential Oil Gift Set by Mountain Rose Herbs

Why We Love it: Essential oils can greatly enhance both meditation and asana practice. These sets are grouped into easy to choose categories depending on the type of oils you're looking for.

5. Master Meditation Series Zen Singing Bowl by Zen Singing Bowls

Why We Love it: This singing bowl will help ring you into or out of your meditation practice beautifully. Produced in a fair trade environment with high quality materials, these bowls are some of the best. Yoga Travel Tree readers can receive 15% off your bowls with the code "YogaTravelTree".


The Fashionista

Fashionable yogi holiday gift guide yoga yogatraveltree

1. Organic Infinity Scarf by Maggies Organics

Why We Love it: Made from suuuppperrr soft organic Peruvian cotton, these scarfs are as comfy as they are warm. No more itching at your neck during savasana with this lovely!

2. Heart Butt Capri  by Nina B Roze

Why We Love it: Great quality yoga pants with super cute seaming details that flatter all shapes and sizes. Wicking fabric also makes these a must have for winter running, pilates and more. If you're looking for an alternative to the boring, black yoga pant, these baby's are for you! Yoga Travel Tree readers can receive 20% off at checkout by using the coupon code "MYHBL20"

3. Yoga Socks by Toezies

Why We Love it: Know someone with cold feet? Well they're in luck. These socks are toeless and grippy, perfect for keeping feel toasty without compromising balance and connection to the mat.

4. Bold Headband by Bolder Bands

Why We Love it: These headbands are fantastic for the most active of yogis. They'll stay put during any posture, and with all kinds of fun, flashy designs you can find the perfect headband.

5. Custom Mala Beads by Brother

Why We Love it: Handmade in Peru, you're free to choose your colors and materials. All proceeds from the beads go toward making and sustaining a community retreat center in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and the price of the beads is up to you.

The Practical Practitioner

holiday gift guide practical yogi yoga yogatraveltree

1. Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner by Kulae

Why We Love it: Mat's get gross. This stuff zaps yucky old mat smell and replaces it with a refreshing scent of rosemary and aloe, while also ridding your precious mat of harmful bacteria.

2. eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat  by Manduka

Why We Love it: This mat it made using biodegradable, non-rainforest harvested rubber to provide needed traction, and is just cushy enough to keep bony-joints happy. It's non slip grip is no joke, even when wet theres plenty of traction. Click the following link and you can receive $15 off orders of $125, $25 off $150 and $50 off $250+ Decemeber Tiered Promo! Use code: unrollJOY

3. Maya Yoga Bag by I AM

Why We Love it: I AM works with communities to provide locals with high wage working opportunities. Currently they are working in Guatemala with Maya women, using their handmade textiles to create yoga mat bags.

4. Recycled Yoga Blanket by Hugger Mugger

Why We Love it: Made from recycled acrylic and polyester fibers, this blanket is tough and thick, perfect for shoulder and headstand, as well as additional joint support and warmth in savasana. The perfect all-around blanket!

5. The Anatomy of Yoga by Leslie Kaminoff

Why We Love it: Have you ever been sore and want to find out which pose did that to you? Just curious about anatomy? This book breaks down each yoga pose and shows you exactly which muscles and joints you're targeting. Great gift for teachers!

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