Five Must Know Costa Rican Phrases For Your Upcoming Yoga Retreat

Welcome to Costa Rica! A beautiful paradise in Central America known for it’s population of incredibly nice and happy citizens and it’s lush eco-friendly jungle tourism. You’re here for the first time for your yoga adventure and you couldn’t be any more excited to spend time doing yoga during incredible sunset views and listening to the vibration of your Om ring through the dense jungle in harmony with the howler monkeys. Oh, the Costa Rican life.

Well, we’re definitely happy to have you here as well! To make your transition into Yogic Jungle Life a little easier, we’ve come up with Five MUST KNOW Costa Rican phrases to help you brush up on that Spanish you haven’t used since high school.


5.  "Buenos Días! Como Estas?" "Muy Bein!"Costa Rica Yoga

Of course, we’re going to start off with a typical greeting. Good Day! How are you? Very good!

Buenos Días - Good Day! This is a great way to start off a conversation with someone, or to just say hello to your pilot as you catch your Sansa charter flight to your yoga retreat destination.

Como Estas?  - How are you? Why not follow up your new greeting with a question? Make it a bit more personal and always put a smile on!

Muy Bein! – Very well! A typical answer that you will be sure to be saying as you dash from the open air, jungle surrounded, yoga deck to change out of those retro yoga pants into your swimsuit for a surfing lesson.


4. "Me encanta el yoga!"

I love yoga! - Why not celebrate why you’re in this wonderful paradise by letting people know that you love what you do, Yoga!

Costa rica Monkeys

3. "Donde estan los monos?"

Where are the monkeys? - If you ever ask this question, the answer is going to be: everywhere! While relaxing on your beachside hammock to doing yoga on the bamboo floored yoga deck, you’ll see monkeys everywhere. But Just in case you miss them, we’ll be sure to point it out!


2. "Salud!"

Cheers! - You’ll be cheering this as you clink your freshly cut coconuts full of Agua de Pipa’s (Coconut Water) together and slip down the delicious nectar. Ah, the taste of natural tropical frescos!


1. "Pura Vida"

And finally, the most important Costa Rican phrase to know, the slogan of Costa Rica. After meeting it’s people, and staying here for awhile, you’ll truly understand why they have such a beautiful slogan for their country. Pura Vida literally translated means Pure Life. Pure life, which is what we live here. It is what we strive to be. Pure and full of life. Constantly being mindful of the jungle environment and living harmoniously among it. A common way to use Pura Vida is when answering the question, Como Esta? Answer with Pura Vida! Because you will be pure and full of life after you’re amazing Costa Rican Yoga Retreats!

See you in paradise! Pura Vida!Pura Vida


Beth - Headshot for BioElizabeth Arnold is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner, certified Reiki Practitioner and world traveler. She left her corporate life in 2014 to explore the meaning of life through yoga, natural healing & travel. She is currently writing from Casa Marea Alta, a Yoga & Surf House in Costa Rica. She travels all over Costa Rica helping to create unique personal, private, and group yoga adventures around the country. You can find out more about Elizabeth on her site at


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