The #findYOGAanywhere Winners Circle: @sunshineandyoga

Congratulations to the lucky and talented winners of Yoga Travel Tree's #findYOGAanywhere challenge! These yogis showed dedication, motivation, style, and confidence by sticking with the challenge from day 1 to day 31. We want you to get to know these lovely yogis like we got to last month, so we sent them out some questions and invite you to meet our winners! Next up in our winners interview series is Sabrie King, or as you might know her, @sunshineandyoga


1. How did you get into yoga?

I originally was introduced to yoga in college while studying with the Robert Ivey Ballet in Charleston, SC. Several yoga and pilates classes were offered to compliment our ballet studies. I first fell in love with pilates because of its emphasis on core strength. However, once I began to feel the connection between body and mind with yoga, I was hooked. Though I later stop practicing yoga for a number of years after leaving college, I found it again (or yoga found me) 8 years ago at a local YMCA. I was seeking physical challenge and growth, as well as peace of mind during a stressful time. I found a class that quickly became a staple to my week. Without it, my week did not go the same. And I've practiced every since.


The #findYOGAanywhere Winners Circle: @sunshineanyyoga - YogaTravelTree


2. What's your favorite style of yoga and why?

Though I love most types of yoga, my absolute favorite is a heated bhakti vinyasa flow, with every movement having its own breath. Each inhale draws the body up into posture and each exhale settles/deepens the body into posture. A continuous flow to a 4-beat rhythm. The true essence of a bhakti flow is in the breath, not the asana (posture). Learning to control the breath with movement helps pump out negative energy and open the channels for good energy to flow through. And once you learn to control breath with movements through asanas, the balance you find transcends into daily life and helps with stressful times.


3. What's a memorable yoga experience?

During a heated bhakti flow class about a year ago, there was a girl next to me with her mat just a hand's width away. It was a loving packed class that morning. I was totally into my breath and she hers. She was doing her thing, I was doing mine. And then I discovered we were moving at the same rhythm — by chance or perhaps not, we rode the same wave of energy throughout our sun salutations. We chaturanga’d the same, down-dog’d the same, moved through our warriors the same... It was really cool and reminded me of 2 synchronized dolphins in nature. Dolphins in a pod will frolic and play around each other, constantly caressing, calling out, and checking in with their other pod members. It’s a very vocal and dynamic scene. But every now and then 2 will break away into a dance, so to speak. There will be no “words” spoken, no chirps, whistles, or clicks between them. They just swim side by side, completely synchronized, sharing energy, enjoying life completely in the present. I will always remember that lovely, shared yoga moment.

The #findYOGAanywhere Winners Circle: @sunshineanyyoga - YogaTravelTree

4. What's your favorite way to travel?

By far, my favorite way to travel is by boat. I love the ocean, being on it or in it, with the sun in my face and the wind in my hair. It doesn't matter - SUP board, kayak, canoe, sailboat, motorized boat, or swim. It's all good. Put me on the ocean and I'm happy. Hopefully we'll see some dolphins:)


5. If you could travel anywhere on earth, where would you like to go and why?

Gosh, how do you choose?? My answer right now would be South Africa! My brother and family were just here visiting from there, and I've never been. Everything I've seen and heard sounds so lovely! I'm dying to go. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. With mountains and trails to explore, wine country to enjoy, and locals to get to know. And you know I'll be finding my yoga anywhere there!!


Images via: @sunshineandyoga