The #findYOGAanywhere March Challenge is Here!

We wanted to do something fun with all of you this month, and we settled on a challenge: one pose each day for 31 days.

That sounds simple enough right? It totally is! We designed this challenge to be accessible to all experience levels, from the total newbie to the guru. We'll offer descriptions of how to safely get into each pose and alternatives for some of the more challenging postures. Yoga can be found anywhere, and we want to see the fabulous (or mundane) locations where you find yours. Be creative! 

We're psyched, here's why:


Brooke (Yoga Travel Tree Founder)


My first thought when I discovered yoga challenges on Instagram was "How the heck are they taking a selfie WHILE doing yoga?!" But then I learned the art and science of the carefully placed phone (i.e. being propped up by a water bottle, book, and sweater) and free photo timer apps. Once I discovered was all over and I was addicted to yoga challenges.

The challenges I've done have opened me up to poses that I didn't even know existed and gave me the encouragement to try poses that I typically wouldn't even attempt during a regular yoga class. And let me tell you, it's so exciting when you - for the first time ever - experience a pose that seemed so far our of your reach. I'll never forget the first time I held a forearm stand for about 1.5 seconds. It was amazeballs! Of course, I'm no handstand queen, but even that 1.5 seconds empowered me to keep trying and keep pushing and keep seeing what my body AND MIND are capable of.

If you're new to yoga or wanting to get started, this is the best challenge for you. We'll help you ease into the practice and give you some basics to build from and develop an even deeper practice. Come join in on the fun! #findyouryoga anywhere!


Ashley (Partner Relations Director)


I consider myself an anti-selfie gal (unless I'm sending a SnapChat of course!) So when the idea of participating in an Instagram yoga challenge came up this summer I was a little reluctant. Then again, through my work with lululemon I was modeling product and posing for our Facebook posts, so I started to get more used to having my photo out on social media.

And guess what, participating in yoga photo challenges became addicting! It gave me a way to make my practice a part of every day (#yogaeverydamnday!) and allowed me to share it with others. I deepened my practice trying poses I never would have considered and got help from friends and instructors. It was fun to show people that you really can #findyouryoga anywhere you are and make it fun. Can't wait to see all the great creativity and self-discovery that emerges this month!


Sarah (User Relations Director)


I'm probably the least yoga challenge-experienced of the YTT crew, and I'm still all amped up about this idea! No matter where you are, what day it is, how you feel, what you're doing, you can stop and take a minute to snap a pic of a sweet yoga pose. It's a great way to test your dedication, expand your creativity, change your mood and get over social stigmas. Why did you just bust out wheel pose on the floor of the Mall of America? Because you're a badass, that's why!

My favorite thing about yoga challenges is the effect they can have on your mood. If your day sucks and is going terribly, when the time comes to take the photo of the pose of the day, everything shifts. You can stop doing homework, cleaning, whatever, and get a little goofy in your kitchen. Enlist room mates, significant others, or friends to help you take photos. Pose, laugh, learn something new, change your outlook and feel empowered!


What's in it for you?

Besides having 31 fantastic yoga-selfies by April, you'll have a chance to win:

  • A daily feature on our social community pages.
  • An interview published to the articles section of
  • A newsletter feature all about lil 'ole you.
  • A rockin' Yoga Travel Tree long sleeve athletic tee.Yogatraveltree long sleeve T
  • Bonus prizes from our sponsors!

Not to mention you'll become a part of our growing community of yogis, folks who get the inside scoop on all things yoga and travel!


How the heck do you get in on this?!

Sign up Today Yoga Travel Tree

  1. Sign up for the challenge using this form!
  2. If you haven't already, go like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or Twitter!
  3. Post a daily-ish photo on your favorite social platform
  4. Include the hashtag #findYOGAanywhere (that's with two A's) on your posts
  5. Don't forget to tag @YogaTravelTree!

Each day at 3:00pm you'll receive an email with the pose for the following day so you'll have plenty of time to #findYOGAanywhere! We're all looking forward to seeing where you #findyouryoga!