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Notes from the Universe

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by Mike Dooley

“Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

In 1989, two brothers and their mother launched a small business, TUT (then it stood for “Totally Unique T-shirts”), selling T-shirts and souvenirs out of a pushcart to tourists in Orlando, Florida. Like many of us, they had no idea of their end goal or where they were really headed.

It wasn’t until 11 years later in 2000, after selling 1 million T-shirts through international distributors and small stores of their own, that they closed operations and launched the TUT Adventurers Club, a web-based philosophical gathering spot for folks talk about, discuss, and understand the adventure that is life.

On a whim, using email addresses collected from visitors to their retail stores, they started sending out “Monday Morning Motivators,” inspirational poems taken from their bestselling T-shirts. These weekly emails soon became daily emails, which soon became Notes from the Universe. Hugely popular, Notes from the Universe offer brief, humorous, and loving daily reminders of the magic and divinity of our lives.

TUT’s philosophy has always been: Everyone is special, every life is meaningful, and we’re all here to understand that dreams do come true. The club is also rooted in the belief that thoughts become things and that imagination is the key to inviting health, abundance, love, acceptance, and happiness into our lives.


Martha’s Daily Inspiration

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By Martha Beck

The term “life coach” has received a lot of flack in recent years, but if anyone brings legitimacy to the profession it’s Martha Beck.

A writer and life coach specializing in helping people create peaceful, happy, and fulfilling lives, Beck is a Harvard graduate, holding a bachelor’s in East Asian Studies and a master’s and Ph.D. in sociology.

It is all that Beck has been through in her life, however, that makes you believe in her right to be a life coach. Raised Mormon in Utah, Beck recounts alleged sexual abused by her father, Mormon scholar and apologist Hugh Nibley, in her book Leaving the Saints, about her controversial departure from the Mormon church.

She met her husband as a Harvard undergraduate. They married and eventually had three children; the second, Adam, was diagnosed with Down syndrome prior to his birth. Eventually, Beck and her husband divorce, and they both come out as gay. Today, Beck lives with her partner and Adam on a ranch in California.

A columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine since 2001, Beck’s career path began at Harvard, where she taught sociology, social psychology, organizational behavior, and business management. Living proof that our beginnings need not dictate our life’s course, Beck now spends the majority of her time coaching, writing, and traveling. Her bestsellers include Expecting Adam, Leaving the Saints, Finding Your Own North Star, and Steering by Starlight.

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Your Inner Pilot Light

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By: Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Lissa Rankin would look great on paper—spent 12 years at Duke University, the University of South Florida, and Northwestern University before practicing as an OB/GYN physician for eight years, working at an integrative medicine facility, and opening her own mind-body medicine practice—if she cared about that kind of stuff.

Instead, Rankin is concerned with healing humans from the inside out.

“As children, we are all born with healthy souls, but sometimes life does a number on us,” she writes on her website. “The traumas of childhood, the wounds of coming of age, the sacrifices we make for our careers and our families, the losses that eat away at our joy, and the fears we inherit from an anxious, panicked culture take their toll, and if you’re like many of us, by the time you reach adulthood, you’ve lost touch with the vital, healthy soul that still thrives and radiates within every single of one of us.”

You those times you feel ill but you don’t know why? Maybe you’ve gained weight, you’re fatigued, or you have symptoms that can’t be explained by any doctor. Your body is trying to tell you something, Rankin believes, and it can’t always be cured with simple medicine.

Your Inner Pilot Light is “that ever-radiant, always-sparkly, 100% authentic, totally effervescent spark that lies at the core of you. Call it your essential self, your divine spark, your Christ consciousness, your Buddha nature, your higher self, your soul, your wise self, your intuition, or your inner healer.”

“This part of you always knows which choice to choose, how to heal yourself when you’re sick, and whether to trust someone or not,” Rankin writes. “Your Inner Pilot Light knows exactly what you like, loves boundlessly but selectively, discriminates between what is and isn’t authentic to your inner nature, and has the 411 on how to connect straight to Source. Your Inner Pilot Light guides the path, lights the way, navigates the journey, and asks only that you trust the process.”

In short, Your Inner Pilot Light is the essence of who you are. It isn’t always pleasant or pilot or well behaved or passive; in fact, your Inner Pilot Light can be difficult to tame—easy to ignore, too, if you’re not ready to face the truth about yourself.

Luckily, Rankin makes it a little easier to do just that: To accept, love, and cultivate compassion for ourselves. She does it every day in her Inner Pilot Light emails.

Why sign up? Why pay attention to your Inner Pilot Light?

“When you tap into the healing wisdom of your IPL, your health will improve, you’ll find the compassion and love that can heal or release toxic relationships, your business will thrive, your creativity will explode,” Rankin writes, “and you’ll feel more connected to The Universe than ever before.”


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