Crown Chakra - Connection to the Divine

The seventh chakra is the one that brings all of the other chakras together. It is our connection to the divine and it makes us feel like there is a deeper purpose to our lives. Are you perhaps searching for this deeper meaning in your life at the moment? It may mean that your spiritual journey has begun, and that your Crown Chakra is starting to open up.

Sahasrara - Our Point of Connection

The last of the seven chakras is the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara. It connects us with the Universe and the Divine around us. This chakra is located on the top of the head, and through it we can experience the connection and unity with everything and everyone. It allows us to experience peace, joy and calm surrender knowing there is a larger purpose to life. We know there is a deeper meaning to our lives, and trust the Universe to take care of our soul, as we are indefinitely part of the universe.

The Crown chakra is represented by a lotus flower with thousand petals radiating violet and white light. It is the point where the body and the ego meet the soul and the universe. Thought the Crown chakra we receive energy from the Universe, and we give it back towards the Universe. We all radiate energy from within us, and these energies form a collective consciousness, a matrix of energies, and are all interconnected and influencing each other. Therefore by changing your energy, you can change the collective energy.

When the Crown chakra is in balance, we can live in peace and be grateful and joyous about the events in our lives. We are aware of the connection between us and the Universe, and feel that there is a grand plan for everything unfolding.

Different Stages of the Crown Chakra

Unlike the other chakras seeking balance, the crown chakra can be closed, in the process of opening up, or open.

Closed Crown chakra

If the Crown chakra is closed, we may have a belief that the deepest intuitive knowledge and connection with the Divine is not meant for us. We can be skeptical towards the spiritual world, and have the tendency to only believe what can be seen or felt. We may lack the feeling of connection to others, and can have a strong urge to possess material things in life.

Opening Crown chakra

When the crown chakra is in the process of opening, one is beginning the spiritual journey. This quest for spiritual connection is different for every person, some are finding guidance from meditation or yoga, and some find other means of getting in touch with the inner urge to find a deeper meaning to one's life.

Open Crown chakra

When the crown chakra is open, a person is completely connected with the Divine, and very open to the source of life.

How to Open Your Crown chakra

The Divine speaks to us all equally, some of us are just more tuned in. So how can you become more tuned with your 7th chakra, and hear the guidance available to you?

Shutting out the noise from outside will be helpful to let the divine information come in. Meditation is a great way to turn the awareness and energy inwards, and quiet the mind. When the mind is quiet, we can hear the soul, which is always connected to the great Universe, the Divine Source.

We can practice gratefulness as a form or praying. When we notice all of the things around us that we have, we can be grateful for them, appreciate them and bless them. Instead of asking for more, when we are grateful for what we already have, we open the channels for more good to come into our lives.

You can also write down any dreams and visions you have. These can be intuitive feelings, colors, shapes and visions that may at first seem like they do not make sense. But don't judge these visions with the mind, but stay open to them and observe the guidance they are providing you.

How is Your Intuitive Guidance?

How connected do you feel to the Divine Source? Do you wish you could be more connected, or are you still skeptical of the spiritual world? How easy it is for you to follow the inner guidance and find the deeper purpose of your life?

You can remind yourself daily:

I am part of the Divine, and the Divine is within me. I cherish my spirit and trust my intuition.