Breathing Through the Holidays


Can you feel it in the air? It's late November and you know what that means; parties, shopping, mad panic to be perfect and always have a gift ready to give and a smile for all! What of family time? Does the upcoming holidays HAVE to mean stress and running around looking for perfection?  What if this year, it meant something different?

Perhaps instead of "should-ing" on yourself and your kids, maybe you can allow the spirit of non attachment to order your holiday steps this year!  What if the your family and your normal offerings of kindness and compassion were enough?

Now I am not suggesting no parties or presents.  What I am suggesting is returning humanity and breath into celebrations.  Here are a few steps that we have implemented in my big family that have seemed to work over the years:


Remember this is suppose to be fun!

Remember that the holidays are about celebrating love and joy.  If you find that the thought of accepting another invitation is making you hold your breath, then maybe that is the one to skip.  It's OK, there will be other days, 365 of them, to schedule a fun get together.


Gift giving is from the heart, not the store.

Try giving in the spirit of living simply.  What does the recipient really need?  Yes, something wrapped in a big bow may be nice, but if we drop our need for approval at the door, what gift does this loved one really need?  More get togethers through the year? Some help around the house?  Be creative and let your intuition be your guide.


Schedule DOWN time

Make sure that at least one day a week, and one hour per day that you and your family just have nothing planned.  Allow the organic nature of life and ease be the guide of that time.   Let go of attachment to an outcome and trust the process.  The best, most memorable moments came when I let go and just let my family happen.


These three simple steps may seem too simple.  Yet when we all remember to slow down and love for real, then our holidays will truly shine bright and full of memories and love!


Sandra Kozlowski is a single mom of 6, grandmother of 3, a yogi, chemical dependency counselor, doula, midwife's assistant, lactation educator and was a massage practitioner for 12 years.  Sandra's focus is to encourage people to be able to see and feel their own beauty and place in the world.  Currently she is working on a book " Building Blocks of Recovery"

You can connect with Sandra at,  She is also on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, and would love to hear from you!