How to Achieve Your Ideal Life

Breaking Free of the Mundane 


Are you living to your highest potential?  When you wake up every morning, are you excited to get out of bed?   Are you eager to get to work?    If not, what are you doing about it?

I spent a decade working unhappily – trying to fit myself into the career ‘box’ that I thought my education and experience had driven me towards.   I couldn’t understand why I felt so unfulfilled when I was, by all societal measures, successful.  I wanted something to change, but I didn’t know how to take action.

The years went by, and I started to realize that happiness wasn’t coming to find me.  My only real joy was yoga, so I put my energy into my practice, and started to connect into a deeper sense of self.  With some intuition guiding me, and my continued yoga practice, I started to explore what I really wanted in life.   Using meditation, yoga and some skilled life coaching, I developed a plan to move my life forward.

Today, working as a successful executive coach and yoga instructor, I am happy and fulfilled in my work.  I live the life I want to lead, and spend my days doing the things that are meaningful and fulfilling for me, including lots of time with my three children.  My journey to get to this place was not smooth, or quick, but was the greatest thing I have done towards finding contentment and meaning in my life.

My yoga practice took me there.


Finding Your Ideal Life 


  1. Live and work through your values.  Values define what is most important to you.   Know what you value, and make sure your choices today and tomorrow are aligned to those values.

  1. Focus on what you want in the heart, not on what you don’t want or what you think you “should” want.  When you know what you truly want, what your heart tells you is right for you -- you can create it.   Meditate on your heart space – and see what comes up.

  1. Honestly assess the gaps between where you want to be, and where you are today.  The gap is created by whatever you are tolerating or have not completed.  Start today to find a way to stop tolerating what limits you, and to complete any actions that are incomplete.

  1. Learn to challenge and dismantle the mental obstacles you put up to your own success.  All those reasons that “explain” why you tell yourself can’t take the next step are created by your mind.  This includes negative thinking (along the lines of “you aren’t good/smart enough”) as well as perceived limitations such as money, time or talent.  If you truly want to do something, you can find a way to make it happen.  We are not our thoughts – remember this, particularly when they are limiting you.

  1. Dream big, start small.  You get one life on this planet- go for your dreams.  Envision your ideal life. Then start to take small steps towards getting there – with consistency, perseverance and dedication, you will move forward towards that goal.  Just like in your yoga practice, with forward action you will create energy towards your highest potential in life. With dedication you will achieve it.


MaryBeth Sigler is a certified executive coach and yoga instructor. Ten years ago, she left a successful corporate career to search for greater inspiration and authenticity in her life. She specializes in coaching executives to find greater success and fulfillment in their work, as well as to create the life they want. As a certified yoga instructor, she brings mind-body awareness, mindfulness and positive energy to all of her clients. She offers seminars and workshops on topics such mindfulness, leadership and living to your highest potential. MaryBeth lives just outside of New York City in northern New Jersey, and coaches clients locally and via Skype. Please connect with prana coaching on FB for a daily dose of inspiration, or contact her directly for more information on coaching.

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