9 Benefits of Yoga that Help With the Mind-Body Connection

 Image Credit:  Reno Tahoe

Yoga is a mind-body practice that helps you ease stress and improve your well-being at the same time. We live in a very busy world and finding time to take care of ourselves with the right amount of hydration, healthy nutrition and proper sleep can become quite a challenging task. Yoga has the power of recharging your energy when your supply is running low. Its unique combination of breathing and body techniques provides the body with a surge of energy that helps revitalize both body and mind.

1. A Fresher Feeling Brain

Fresher feeling brain:  You need just twenty minutes of yoga to give your brain some relaxing stimulus.  It helps improve cognition as well as enhances your working memory.

2. Lower Anxiety Levels

Life can be quite stressful, especially with a job and kids.  For those who have been able to find some time to incorporate yoga into their daily routine, they have benefitted a lot in terms of lowering their stress levels compared to those who do not practice yoga.  In fact, it helps increase the levels of gamma-aminobutyric inside the brain, lower levels of which are known to cause depression as well as anxiety disorders.

3. Improved Flexibility

Yoga involves different many different postures, and with continuous practice of the different forms of yoga, you may be able to achieve increased flexibility in your body.

4. Controlled Blood Pressure

To be able to make yoga control your blood pressure levels you need to be practicing it for quite some time.  Studies have shown that yoga helps lower blood pressure levels in an individual suffering from hypertension.  Yoga can lower blood pressure more effectively than walking or any other form of exercise.

5. Relief From Chronic Pains

Usually individuals working in desk jobs for long hours complain about chronic pain in the neck as well as back. The right kind of yoga and its practice over time can help individuals get some relief from such forms of pain.

6. Better Sense Of Balance

A lot of older adults have found a better sense of balance with regular practice of yoga in its various forms. It has helped women over 65 years of age avoid falls.

7. Aiding Fertility

A lot of problems in conceiving can be caused due to the stressful lifestyle of a couple.  Some of these couples have been known to recently turn to yoga in order to decrease their stress levels which in turn may help them conceive and increase their chances of fertility.

8. Helps Control Heart Disease

The heart is a complex organ and a lot of individuals suffer from heart diseases.  However, yoga, coupled with treatment, is known to increase the chances of keeping heart diseases under control by improving the capacity of the heart to endure physical exercise.

9. Helps With Arthritis

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis may be benefited from ‘Iyengar Yoga’ which uses props as well as positioning supports.
Yoga as a whole has the power to improve your entire body balance – both mental as well as physical. If you want to tune in to your inner self, this is the best way to do it.


Sam Cohen is a professional blogger and he strongly believes in spreading awareness. Mental and physical wellness is the primary motto of the entire human race. Sam has tried out various methods and tips about wellness and jots down those ideas in his write ups so that many people can be able to apply them in their personal life.