8 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

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The idea of a yoga retreat may seem like a far off dream that’s only attainable to the extreme yogis who practice yoga all day every day. In reality, a retreat is perfect for anyone who desires a healthy lifestyle (regardless of their yoga level), and possibly has a bad case of the travel bug. If you still aren’t convinced that a yoga retreat is right for you, then here are 8 other reasons to persuade you:

1. Perfect Excuse to Travel

You can find yoga retreats all over the world (literally). The yoga studio down the street is great, but imagine spending a week in Bali exploring beaches, admiring beautiful Hindu temples and practicing yoga daily in stunning locations. I know... it sounds amazing! Yoga Travel Tree can help connect you to yoga retreats all around the world. You most likely don’t need an excuse to travel, but a little extra convincing never hurt anyone.

 2. You’ll be forced to go on a technology break

You can often find Wi-Fi and cellular access in many parts of the world, but it will most likely be more limited and expensive. As much as you may love checking your Facebook status every 10 minutes, sometimes we just need a break from constantly hearing about everyone’s relationship/marital status.

Most importantly, we often need a break from work and those at home (as much as we love them). With your email always at your fingertips, it can truly be challenging to avoid checking in with work, or whatever family drama you may have at home. Sometimes being forced to be away from technology is the perfect solution!

But, if you’re having serious Instagram withdrawals, and need to post the picture of you doing that yoga pose by the elephant, there is no need to worry. You will most likely be able to find some form of Wi-Fi in many hotels or cafes. If the country you are visiting blocks you from your favorite social media sites, than there are VPN’s you can use to help you gain access. However, take it from me, the Instagram world and everyone else can survive a week without you. Your mind will thank you later for giving it a much needed technology break.

 3. Improve Your Yoga Practice

This may seem obvious, but a yoga retreat has the opportunity to greatly improve your yoga practice. Whether you’re a once a week yogi, or start and end your day with yoga, there is always the possibility of improving your practice.

Setting a week aside to solely focus on yourself and your practice can be hard to come by. The craziness of life can often get in the way. But, after a week of improving your yoga practice spiritually, physically, or both, you are sure to come home a different person then when you left.

4. Finally Buy That Yogi Outfit

We all have that one little sports bra or new mat we have had our eyes on. While you probably shouldn’t spend your entire paycheck on new yoga attire, I think a yoga retreat is the perfect excuse to purchase one outfit…or two. If you’re sick of the Lululemon hype, than try one of these 6 awesome alternatives. If you still would like to try and keep the bank account intact YogaOutlet.com is one of my favorite stores to shop for sales items (just try not to get too addicted).

5. Gain a New Perspective

Going on a yoga retreat changes the way you look at the world. When we look at our world in a different way, our world changes. Simply by changing our daily routine and reflecting on the world around us, we are able to break habits, and find ways to be better versions of ourselves. When we allow ourselves to see things from a different perspective, our options are limitless.

I have found that the strangest sensation after returning home after being away is that home is still exactly the same, but I am not. More often than not you will bring your new perspective home with you, and live your life in a slightly different and refreshing way.

6. Reset Your Life

Sometimes in life, things just don’t seem to go your way. Whether you despise your job, just went through an awful break up, or just plain feel unsatisfied, sometimes you just need to get away. There is something about yoga and travel that help reboot and re-center lives. You combine the two together, and it’s a super team. By taking the time to leave your daily life for a week or two, you can come back home refreshed and ready to change whatever it is about your current life that needs some resetting.

7. Meet New Faces

Everyone you meet on your retreat will at least have the common interest of travel and yoga (and probably a lot more). You will be sure to meet many new friends on your journey. In fact, a yoga retreat is perfect whether you go with a friend or not. You are guaranteed to meet many amazing people regardless. Even though you may only be with your new friends for a week or two, I find that the people I have met traveling have had an immense impact on my life that lasts much longer than the time we spent together.

8. You’re Awesome and Deserve It

It is so easy to make excuses again and again as to why you can’t go on that trip. It could be money, time, or the fact you have no one to travel with. Unfortunately, there will almost always be some reason you should not go, but I suggest you look at these 8 other reasons you should.

We all deserve to spend some time to focus on ourselves, and do something that will make us incredibly happy.

Hopefully by now you are fully convinced, and practically packing your bags. There are so many reasons to go on a yoga retreat, it is harder to argue why you shouldn’t go. Whether you decide to go or not, the most important thing is to take time for yourself once in a while, whether it’s on a week retreat, or an hour at home.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. -Buddha

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