7 Essentials to Consider when Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Choosing a yoga teacher training is the beginning of a whole new career and a whole new you! Here are 7 things to know before taking the leap.

Be Inspired

One of the most important things is to find a training and teachers that resonate with you and inspire you. Look for teachers that are experienced, passionate about yoga -on and off the mat- and that will inspire you to dive deep, stretch your edges and to discover more about yourself and the many layers of yoga.

Start with Why

Get clear on your why. What is your intention for embarking on a teacher training adventure? Are you hoping to make teaching yoga your full time job? Part-time career? Or do you want to deepen your personal practice and learn more about the philosophy of yoga? Maybe all of the above? Take the time to discover your why and seek a training that supports your intention.

Course Content

There are many types of yoga styles and trainings out there. Which one is right for you depends on your personal practice and intention. Each training is required a minimum number of hours dedicated to things like anatomy, history, teaching methodology and philosophy—but each training is going to emphasize different areas that highlight their style. Pick a program that emphasizes your passion whether it’s alignment, philosophy, Ayurveda or Bhakti.


Is the training school Yoga Alliance registered? YA is the international governing body for yoga and sets the standard for certifying  teacher training programs. If your intention is to teach, you want to make sure that the training you choose is Yoga Alliance Certified; otherwise, you may not qualify for insurance or it may limit you in finding a teaching gig. 

Course Structure

How does the training structure fit into your life? Whether you choose a weekend program taught over many months or a multiple week immersion style training make sure you can dedicate the time to necessary to fully commit to your training.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Find out how many students are in the training. What is the number of teachers to students? Will you feel seen, heard and supported? It’s important to feel that you will be able to connect to your fellow trainees and teachers. Lasting connections and friendships are often forged during teacher trainings. Will you be able to connect and create community or will you get lost in a crowd?

Follow up and Support

What happens after the training? Is there support outside of training days or after the training is complete? Does the training provide a mentorship program or a way to stay connected post training? Do they provide a directory of their teachers?


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