Giving Back: 7 Benefits of Serving the Community

  Those who are seeking personal growth in their lives to find greater meaning in them can find it "purposeful" to do charitable work.  This wonderful wheel of samsara is a great habit to adopt, as it strengthens the bonds of humanity. Here are the personal benefits of charitable work that I have found with my work for various initiatives.


1. Useful Form of Self Discovery

Charitable work has been revered by humankind in lifting individuals to greatness. It is a great way to develop your own personal opinions and preferences about stimulating issues that broaden your awareness. Bringing a passion to a charity or a cause that stirs your heart in compassion is where you can first jump in to the greatness within you. This type of soulful work is a great way to connect with others and enjoy your life fully with a feeling of purpose.


2. Develop and Nourish Community

Giving back in service helps to connect others to open their hearts and give back as well. When you get behind a cause you are inspiring other people to do the same. Knowledge is powerful and a great way to connect with others in love and compassion in expanding our sense of community. Your interest and your passion for a cause can bring new like-minded people and experiences into your life.


3. Empowering Experience

When I made a goal to raise $4000 within 6 months for the Africa Yoga Project, I had no idea how I was going to do it. As I got over my fears and put myself out there to connect with others, I noticed how many people reached out to lift me up as well. Nearing my goal, my eyes and my heart swelled in emotion at the successes and the failures I had encountered along my journey. On the very last donation day, I accomplished my goal which helped me embody the experience of “anything is possible” beyond the yoga mat. It was a very empowering experience.


4. Develop Self Knowledge and Communication

Adding to your already busy life and learning to give back to the community can give you a sense of greater meaning to your actions and your engagement with life. Giving back without receiving anything in return can presence you to your own personal strength. When you support something other than yourself, you gain more information and think much more clearly about what is actually important in giving back. You gain confidence in your own personal voice and your overall life priorities.


5. Discover Passion

When you discuss the cause that you are supporting, you must tap into your heart's desire to pursuade others to donate. Speaking out about something that you believe in, that you repeatedly discuss with others develops a fire from within, a drive which gives you a passion for something greater than yourself.


6. Develop Character

Fundraising gets you out of your comfort zone and into a greater understanding of how the world works. When doing charity work you will have to put yourself out there so you might feel stress in approaching others to support you. You can learn more about your determination while you gain success from the experience. Whether it be from providing a payment for a service you provide, requesting money out of others from the goodness of your heart, or for the gain of a tax return, the experience itself is great for your reputation and your resume. It could almost be considered selfish to raise funds or volunteer your time like this because it can make you feel like you’re a really good person as people perceive you in a much more positive light. Be advised that giving back isn’t always in other people’s nature though and it requires a bit more of a heart than you can realize to get others to support your cause.


7. Really Standing Up for What you Believe In

Being connected to a cause can bring only great things into your life. Standing up for something shows a curiosity and an interest beyond personal gain. It allows for more self-inquiry and puts you in charge of your life as you manage selfless work into your daily routine. Giving back in fundraising and helping others in charitable work can be accomplished at any point in your life when needed. It gives a purpose to something greater than yourself. Speaking up and opening to ideas that you believe in can empower you to try new things, take risks and make your life much more nourishing and interesting.


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