6 Tips for Everyday Stress Relief

How to Deal with Stress 


Life can be stressful, and unfortunately there just isn’t anyway to get around having some level of stress in your life. In fact, there is healthy amount of stress that keeps us motivated and ready for more! It's when stress exceeds this productive level that we feel stretched out, buried, overwhelmed and we actually get less done. Whether you're already at this breaking point, or just looking for more ways to manage your stress, we've got you covered.  Learn to deal with your stressors and bring your stress-level back down to manageable,  read on for 6 ways to deal with common causes of stress.


1. Make your car your sanctuary. 

There aren’t very many people in the world that enjoy being stuck in traffic, but for many of us this is the only time we are surrounded by quietness. Why not make your car a relaxing place! Make sure to have your favorite song or artist readily available on your radio, keep your car clutter free, maybe even try using an air freshener to set your mood to calm.


2. Use the store as "me time."

 Some people LOVE grocery shopping, others absolutely HATE it! It doesn’t have to always be stressful though. Make your shopping list ahead of time, and when you get to the store turn up the tunes. Load your favorite music onto your phone or MP3 player, put in your headphones, and enjoy the time you are spending with yourself. You’ll notice you’ll smile at random strangers a little more, and they will smile back, making it more pleasant for everyone!


3. Try keeping a budget.

 It seems like there is never enough money to go around. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. That’s okay! Make a plan, set a goal, agree on a budget, and start working towards your goal.  You’ll be surprised at what you can do when you put your mind to it! With great online and mobile app budgeting resources like Mint.com, you're sure to succeed!

4. Schedule down time. 

Families tend to be go, go, go all of the time! This happens especially as kids get older and have more activities. One surefire way to reduce stress is to make sure you are taking time for yourself. Enjoy a relaxing activity like yoga, Pilates, reading a book, or something that just allows you to relax and focus on you.


yoga at stress relief yogatraveltree


5. Enhance your focus on the job.

 Work is full of deadlines, ornery customers, and mean bosses (or at least that is how it is for some of us). Focus on your task at hand. Complete one task before starting the next, set reminders for every 30 minutes to keep you on task. If you are overwhelmed by projects & deadlines, see if there is anything that you can delegate. When work gets too stressful, take a break and breathe. Practice different relaxation techniques including yoga, stretching, or breathing.


6. Take control of your health.

When it comes to doctors and health, it can get depressing quickly! No matter what your diagnosis is, work with your physician and maybe look into hiring a certified health coach. Focus on you and your health. This can be done by eating better and getting regular exercise. Some of the foods you are eating may be aggravating some medical conditions, causing inflammation, skin irritation and bloating. Focus on a diet rich in whole, natural foods and try to avoid sugars, refined flours, pastas, and rice, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring, alcohol, and caffeine. These ingredients can aggravate arthritis, slow metabolism and even cause stress in the form of anxiety. If what stresses you out the most isn't included on this list, you can still tackle the challenge! Grab a pen and paper, free write for 10 minutes on things that stress you out. Break these down into two categories: things you can't control, and things you can. Do your best to leave the things you can't control alone, and create a goals sheet for the things you can actually change. How can you slowly shrink your biggest burdens? Make a checklist for each thing you can change, and get after it! Your life is yours! What's stressing you out? How are you changing or coping with your stressful situation? We would love to know! Tell us by using the comments section below.


Sadie Salazar is a mother of 2, who was lucky enough to marry her best friend. She currently live in Herriman, UT. She is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and received her training through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is now offering seasonal detox programs that anybody can do that will focus on detoxing to help maximize the foods around you and keep your body in balance, both inside and out. She recently published a book called Seasonal Detox Guide by Elite Health Coaching, which is available on Amazon, CreateSpace, or directly through her website. Her main focus is working with people to help them find a love of cooking and eating whole, natural foods, while preventing diseases through healthy eating and exercise. She offers both in person (if local) and phone coaching to all clients. You can visit her website, or find me on Facebook at  or on Twitter

Images via: Elephant Journal, @georgiananicoara