6 Reasons to Attend a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Imagine waking to the crisp air of the lively jungle, vibrant with the hollering of monkeys and exotic twerps of fluttering birds. The trickling water lightly passing over smoothed rocks, green with a mossy cover, permeates into your being and relaxes your soul. You are at peace, fully present, and in the womb of Costa Rica.

Many people imagine the luscious beaches of Latin America as a true destination for relaxation, and the perception is not unwarranted. Cultivating brilliant fruits, sharing warmth and welcome from the locals, and offering a wide-range of adventures and opportunities for solace in its layered depths, Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for one seeking refreshment and a yoga adventure.

At the many health retreats offering yoga and more, you'll find that your thirst for an inner-self, eye-opening escape will be quenched in the damp air and variety of yoga postures.

1. Perfect Environment

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Nothing does a body more good than perfecting its environment. In Costa Rica, the perfect setting to create healing is provided by the highly negative-ion and oxygenated mountain air, abundant sleeping time and zero-stress atmosphere. You're there to heal, nourish your body, and Costa Rica is the ultimate destination to ensure that happens.

With improved sleep, one may experience a decreased weight, better tolerance at handling stress, and a healthier system overall since it is not depleting its mineral stores to keep up with the demands of daily life. Purified air is essential for a healing escape; not only does pollution contribute to toxicity and illnesses like asthma, but it can hinder one's healing journey. The reduction of stress will immediately lift one's mood and rekindle the flame to pursue inner passions.


2. Quiet and Solitude

It was Martin Buber who said, “Solitude is the place of purification.” Individuals who practice yoga know the mind is a wandering gypsy with random thoughts always arising, which are sometimes drafit away. However, change that hour class into a week-long retreat with the best companion of all...solitude and you'll learn more about yourself than you had conceived possible before. To move and grow as an individual, one must experience all contrasts and in the jungle of Costa Rica. You will likely gain new self-respect as you push your way through asanas that make your arms shake and let loose emotions that need to flow. Arise stronger, purified, a warrior.


3. Inspiration abounds

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While cuddled in a sweater on your porch, swaying in a hammock to the drizzling of rain and toucans clapping in the jungle, it's difficult not to feel immersed in beauty. The wonder of experiencing a trip such as yours and being so perfectly satiated with the calm of nature can move one to take the inspirational energy abounding and implement it into an individual creative outlet. From the salty beach in the baking sun or in the depths of a raging waterfall, nature is majestic and you won't soon forget the experiences.


4. Safe and Secure

Because Costa Rica's number one business is in tourism, it is caters to the first time flier or well-traveled yogi. Stepping out of the airport, a bundle of taxi cabs wait patiently to be the first to carry you to your destination. The resorts are well-managed and thrive by making guests happy, and the country itself, even in larger cities like San Jose or Perez Feledon, is manicured in a developing country fashion to ensure your stay is exquisite.

In certain destinations, such as Manuel Antonio, you'll experience a piece of bliss with the shiny hotels, luxurious pools, and magazine-worthy views of the ocean; however, even in the friendly and culturally pleasing depths of the city, you'll never have unnecessarily worry about your safety. They are that dedicated to your experience.


5. Push Past Limitations

Who could have imagined you'd have the self-determination to book a flight and pour your heart into yoga for a week or two in Costa Rica? Certainly not you, so what's holding you back from anything else? There are no limits in life, only personal constraints we hold onto for fear of safety, but the truth is if you can muster the courage to do something for you, something that inspires and motivates you, you can channel that creative force into your practice and discover what more you'd like to attain while maintaining your postures. A retreat in the vibrant escape may be that opportunity to push past the mental blocks you've easily dismissed in the past but now can ditch.



6. Surrounded by Healthy Food Choices

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Vegetarian? Plant-based? Happy Carnivore? The cuisine in Costa Rica caters to the sensory delights of all people - from junk-food surfers to sophisticated diners – and one aspect you'll never have to worry about if seeking a healthier lifestyle is the food available. Luscious and ripe, freshly available fruits – like mangosteen, mangoes, papaya, rambutans, sapote, and jackfruit – and vegetables from Heart of Palm to pejibaye are abundant and economically available. Along with the country's staples of rice and beans, it's easy to find freshly made, filling, and delicious fare that will keep you fueled during your adventures.

Rivaling the taste of fruits and vegetables elsewhere in the world, the food itself is a treat for individuals looking for a jump start into a healthy diet with their trip. More abundant in vitamins and minerals because of sustainable farming methods and bursting with more flavor, fresh from the farmer's market hours – not weeks – before it's on your plate, introducing a new dining experience with the ranging colors and flavors of healing food available while there is an essential part of your stay experience.


Everyone dreams of a vacation that replenishes spent energy in body, mind, and soul; in Costa Rica, you're guaranteed to revitalize all aspects and adopt new skills from your chill practice in the jungle. In downward dog with the chorus of toucans echoing in the bliss of your peace, you'll understand the meaning of Pura Vida and embrace your every right to a healthy and happy you.

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Amanda Froelich is a raw and vegan chef located in Costa Rica. A Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Detoxification Specialist (ISD), ACE certified Personal Trainer, Alternative Health and Travel writer, and spiritual student of life, she shares her passion in a variety of activities, such as surfing, running, painting, speaking, and of course, traveling. She can be found blogging FREE raw and vegan recipes at MandyBloomsRaw.com, health and spirituality at AmandaFroelich.com, and healthy travels around the world at TravelFruitLove.com

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