6 Awesome Yoga Clothing Companies that Aren't Lululemon

So we have all heard of Lululemon, but honestly as good as my butt looks in those pants, I am becoming less and less impressed by them as a company. I still can’t believe their founder, Chip Wilson, actually had the audacity to blame the fact that Lulu’s pants rip and tear on the bodies of the women who wear his clothes. COME ON! And really, the material of the pants was defective, which lead to the sheerness of the pants? YA, RIGHT. [wp_ad_camp_1]

So you want to boycott Lulu and all their stand for? Awesome! Now, what brands should we buy if we aren’t going to give Lululemon all our cash? Here is the list:


1. Equilibrium Activewear

Equilibrium Activewear is family owned and operated and their goal is to bring the world the best activewear possible so that you look and feel amazing! Clothing that is functional, comfortable, durable and fashionable! All of their clothes are made with the highest quality Supplex ® Lycra ® fibers that is moisture wicking, fast drying, doesn’t wrinkle, shrink or fade. How awesome is that?!


2. Green Apple Activewear

The company kicks ass! Their founder Cristofer Smith has created many different brands, such as Avia and Golf Sport. In 2004 he decided to go “Green”and create all organic products that fit an active lifestyle. Thus he created Green Apple. These bras, tops, and bottoms not only fit great but are made of quality materials as well.


3. Nina B. Roze

Nina Berenboym, the founder has always had an eye for creativity and the arts, she was born in the Ukraine and when she was seven she created her first hand sewn dress! She has gone on to create her own line of feminine, “Victorian inspired” fitness wear. Each item is designed, created and made in Los Angeles. Their mission is simple: Look radiant while maintaining your balance and energy throughout the day.


4. Hot Chakras

Jessica, the founder of Hot Chakras, had the idea to deliver colorful yoga clothing not just to women but men, who were getting stuck with boring grays and blacks in the yoga studio. She now only picks the highest quality and the brightest colors of fabrics for her yoga clothing line. All of her clothing is made in a small factory in her hometown of San Francisco, California. Her goal is to create clothes that are so comfortable, breathable and beautiful that you almost feel naked!


5. Lily Lotus

These guys have created a clothing line inspired by a passion for living in full color, being creative and most of all, being comfortable. They believe that everyday can be extraordinary. It first began as a yoga only clothing boutique based out of Hawaii but now they also offer a collection of clothing for a “modern, active woman”.  They love color and want their clothes to reflect the wearer’s inner light and style. Not to mention their clothes are all made in the good ol’ USA! How awesome is that?


6. Elisabetta Rogiani

Elisabetta, born in Italy, has always been creative since her time as a design school in Rome. She believes that creativity starts with the fabric and that’s why she uses only the highest quality of material. She has a signature “ER-lux” fabric that has a cotton feel but advanced fiber technologies, such a moisture wicking, fast drying, and four-way stretching. Her life’s pursuit is to create the “Perfect Pant”.



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