5 Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Yoga Retreat

Do you love to travel? Can you feel the wanderlust welling up inside you? Before you plan your next trip to Las Vegas, take some time to reconsider your usual travel habits. It's time you show your body and mind some love, as well as indulging in your need to see the worlds wonders by attending a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are an amazing way to travel. You see the unseen, work and relax your body, and experience a location as you never have before. Read on for 5 more in-depth reasons to make your next trip a yoga retreat, but keep in mind that this is just the tip of the titanic-sinking iceberg of why you should attend one!


1. You’ll meet like minded people.

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Taking a yoga retreat is a surefire way to meet some awesome friends. Lots of people travel solo when going on yoga retreats, so you’re bound to make some friends who have a similar lifestyle and and least some of the same interests as you do. Plus, you’ll make friends from all over - I’ve had yoga friends from all over the world come to visit me, and I can visit them too!


2. You’ll avoid the dreaded vacation weight gain. 

Most yoga retreats will have delicious healthful meals that are timed to coordinate with your yoga practices, and you’ll definitely be physically active. You’ll have multiple yoga practices each day, and chances to do other athletic activities.


3. You’ll have a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in your yoga practice. 

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Chances are that in your day to day life, you don’t get to take multiple classes a day, or even fit 90 minute practices in daily. On your yoga retreat, this will be your reality. Taking a period of time to practice for extended periods of time will have a transformative effect on your body and soul.


4. You’ll come home relaxed and grounded - and with a deeper understanding of your yoga practice.

There’s something so amazing about building your day around your yoga practice, and not just scheduling your practice into your day. On a yoga retreat, you get to live your yoga! Further, there will be plenty of time to have your most detailed questions answered. Unfortunately, your instructors in your regular classes are often dealing with time constraints and can’t always answer questions in a lot of detail. The workshop format that is often utilized at retreats is a perfect time to get all of your little “nit-picky” questions answered. It’s also the time to work on that advanced asana that has seemed to escape your grasp for the past few months!


5. You’ll get to experience a stunning locale from a different perspective.

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We’re lucky enough to live in a time where teachers are offering yoga retreats all over the world. Chances are, whatever exotic locale you’ve been dreaming of offers a yoga retreat or teacher training. Taking the time to synchronize your body with its natural rhythms will make your experience at your destination even more powerful!


Have you attended a yoga retreat? What was your favorite experience of the trip? Post comments and questions below!



Marietta McEvilly is a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant, Thai bodyworker and all around wellness expert living, learning and loving in New York City. She has traveled around the world to study with the foremost experts in her field and loves to share the knowledge she has gained with her students. Her classes are infused with deep knowledge of anatomy and alignment. Marietta consistently inspires her students and clients to take action both on and off the yoga mat, in the kitchen and in life. 

Images via: Tumblr, CarrboroYoga, EuroBrands

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