Take it to the Next Chakra: 4 Tips for Setting Up Your Meditation Station

[wp_ad_camp_1] When you meditate, you create space in your body and mind. The place where you mediate has an effect on how well you’re able to create this space in your mind. Meditation stations are beyond important for a great meditation practice! By creating your own sacred space, you’re able to connect to your higher self in a more meaningful way, focus your energy, remove the uncertainty of where to practice and will allow you to create a habitual practice of meditation.

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day.

– Deepak Chopra


1. Choose a space that is quiet and easily accessible

Choose a space that you can easily access for your meditation practice. The best spaces are located in your own home, which are out of the way of general foot traffic. Make sure that the space is removed from any external distractions; you don’t want your space to be in your living room where the television is located, for instance.


2. Keep your space very simple...

...and uncluttered but personalize it with things you love—photographs, candles, incense, flowers, books, symbolic figures

Take it to the Next Chakra: 4 Tips for Setting Up Your Meditation Station - www.YogaTravelTree.com

You won’t be able to unclutter your mind if your space is messy, so keep it clean and simple. Setting up an altar allows you to personalize your space while still keeping it orderly. You can set up a simple alter with photographs, candles, incense, flowers, books and symbolic figures.


3. Find a meditation seat “asana” for your station

A meditation seat is called an “asana” and is a very important thing to have when you meditate. You can use anything as your asana as long as it’s comfortable for you and your body. Examples of a great asana include pillows, rolled up blankets or an actual meditation pillow that you can purchase from various sources.


4. Make sure you have access to fresh air and natural light

Make sure you have direct access to fresh air and natural light! Avoid creating meditation spaces that are located in dark or dimly lit areas, this may cause you to want to sleep rather than meditate. A good flow of fresh air is recommended to allow your body to boost its brainpower and add to the feel good endorphins you experience while meditating.


Creating your meditation station is the first step to a beautiful on-going meditation practice. Through meditation we’re able to connect to our truth and our highest selves. Start or continue your journey by discovering or re-creating your meditation station today.

Take it to the Next Chakra: 4 Tips for Setting Up Your Meditation Station - www.YogaTravelTree.com


Kelly Diane is an Intuitive Soul Coach and owner of soulsermon.com. Kelly's mission is to navigate women back to their souls...where the magic happens! Through years of internal struggles with false belief systems and anxiety, she has discovered many methods to re-wire negative thought patterns, find forgiveness and learn many valuable lessons to connect to the soul.

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