4 Reasons Why Having A Routine Can Kick Ass

Free spirit gypsy blowing in the wind? Or a slave to routine, to pragmatism? Why does having a routine seem to get a boring, bad wrap? [wp_ad_camp_1]

In the yoga world where people have Instagram alter egos including words like spirited, gypsy, free-you get the point- it feels even more strange to talk of routine, planning, and being practical. Although yoga is all about being in the present moment, which is wonderful, maybe these "gypsy" tendencies also have a downside? So is being a dreamer and believer with a serious case of wanderlust a bad thing?

While this is a stereotype, and there is nothing wrong with any of those qualities (I happen to fit all of them), there has to be something said for routine. For finding a rhythm. For planning. Here's 4 reasons why routines are essential (even for free-spirited yogis).


1. Having a regular yoga practice.

You can have specific days or a number of days that you set aside just for your practice. Use this time to reconnect to yourself and your mat; even use this time to maybe play around with fun poses or poses you're working on!

2. Healthy eating.

Of course having a routine can equate to better eating, especially concerning home-cooking. When you have a rhythm, you know which nights you're able to make a full-blown, fancy meal (maybe even try a new Pinterest recipe) or perhaps just a quick, healthy dish on gym/studio nights.

3. More time with loved ones.

When we know what's roughly going on from day to day, we can make sure that we have time for friends, family, and lovers. When we don't have a plan, we may feel rushed and overwhelmed by the chaos. This can cause us to forget to show loved ones we care, or even worse, it may mean that we lash out at them or totally don't have time for them.

4. Sense of security.

Having a routine seriously helps you feel secure and less anxious in your life. While having a gypsy spirit has its perks too, there is something so lovely and grounding about stopping the jerkiness of constant change and slowing down into a steady pace. When you have more of an idea about what you're doing day to day, even week to week, you can more easily relax both mentally and physically; your mind and body isn't in a perpetual state of fight or flight.



So after months of my own gypsy spirit blowing in the wind and chasing dreams, I realize that even this yogini needs a place to rest her head. To settle down for a little bit. It's time to let seeds grow. To sit back and feel good about your well set plans. Here's to embracing the day to day routine and not feeling anxious about the lack of movement and change.

For now, feel found. Feel whole. Enjoy little, daily expected joys; sip your favorite nighttime tea at exactly 9pm if it makes you happy. There is nothing wrong with letting your wanderlust, gypsy, yogi, free-spirit, dreamer heart have a place to beat slowly and in a steady rhythm.

Image via: @duranloungewear