How to Make Travel as Rejuvenating as Possible

As an international yoga teacher most of my travel is for work, but I’ve found a few key things that help me stay stress free while traveling for work or for pleasure.


Irene13This is a big one on my list, because when I eat well I have more energy and find it easier to demonstrate poses while teaching. This can mean staying at a resort that cooks healthy and organic meals, or finding a hotel near a marketplace where you can shop for yourself and stock up on healthy buys. When choosing vacation spots or places to host yoga retreats healthy food is definitely a priority.


Since we all enjoy different forms of exercise, it is important to find a place that suits your needs. Whether this means choosing a hotel with a pool or gym, or a resort near a beach or that offers yoga classes. Even if you don’t normally exercise, taking time to walk and sight see can be a great way to tire yourself out, making sure you rest well even with a time change.


Irene8When it comes to traveling for vacation many of us try to pack in as much as possible, but remember to leave time and space to relax so that you can really enjoy yourself. I need time alone in order to clear my mind. Sometimes I read or write, other times I just nap, but it’s important for me to book my time wisely, leaving time for me.

Ease of Travel

When traveling for work I don’t always have a lot of say in how or where I travel, but when I do I make sure to choose wisely. This means direct flights whenever possible, adding an extra day when the time change is more than 7 hours, picking cities that are easy to navigate, and researching the places I travel before I go. When I travel for pleasure, depending on the duration of my trip I try to limit overall travel time (to and from airport as well as time on the plane) whenever I can so that I can spend my time off on the beach instead of in the car or on the plane.


Irene3One of my favorite places that I have been to in the last year is Vista Celestial in Costa Rica. This boutique hotel is perfect for a luxurious retreat with an active lifestyle. The food is all locally sourced and organic, much of it being grown on site. Locally grown coffee is roasted and ground fresh every morning, which is a huge plus for me! With a pool, jungle trails, yoga platforms, and a private beach nearby, there are tons of activities to stay fit whether you like to surf or practice yoga.

The Great Outdoors

Nature has its special way infusing us with energy and instilling in us a sense of wellness and relaxation.  I live in a busy urban environment so when I travel I try to pick destinations that offer the chance to escape and explore the wilderness, hike, meditate, and of course, practice Yoga.


Irene7 Although it seems obvious, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun! Put your cell phone away and just be present and enjoy every moment. Use your time to try new experiences, meet new people and enjoy life to its fullest. Making memories that last a lifetime will leave you feeling like a new person and you will return feeling recharged and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Irene Pappas - As a lover of movement, Irene is passionate about her practice. She practices both Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, as she enjoys both a traditional practice as well as a spontaneous one. Not only does she practice yoga but she studies with hand balancers, circus performers, and contortionists to expand her own knowledge and explore the capabilities of her body.

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