13 Mantras and Strategies for the Best Day Ever

[wp_ad_camp_1] A few close friends and I have been on a soul journey for the last few years to attain our highest potential. We've been on this journey our whole lives actually, but the power we have to create and manifest our situations has come into our collective awareness in recent years. A large part of creating magic and using positive energy for our own benefit has to do with our mindset, how we spend each and every day, and what we say and believe. I asked my soul sisters what their mantras and strategies are to maximizing each day’s potential and this is what we collectively came up with.

A few of my mantras and strategies

1.  From Louise Hay… “I appreciate all that I do. I am good enough just as I am. I speak up for myself. I ask for what I want. I claim my power.”

As a therapist, I’m constantly empowering others to advocate on their own behalf. We must speak up for ourselves first and take responsibility for each moment.

2.  From Gandhi, on practicing ahimsa… “Ahimsa is not the crude thing it has been made to appear. Not to hurt any living thing is no doubt a part of ahimsa. But it is its least expression. The principle of ahimsa is hurt by every evil thought, by undue haste, by lying, by hatred, by wishing ill to anybody. It is also violated by our holding on to what the world needs.”

I interpret Gandhi to be saying that we must go further than the absence of violence to the presence of love for all, even for evil-doers. We can take it a step further to understand that ahimsa means standing up against and resisting the evil-doer, not staying passive and quiet, from a source of love and justice. In essence, we must create the change we wish to see.

3.  From Louise Hay… “I now receive my good from unexpected sources. I am an unlimited being, accepting from an unlimited source, in an unlimited way. I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.”

A door closing or one we want to try to force open is doing us a favor by budging or shutting in our face. The open door that’s waiting around the corner might be the one that’s truly meant to be, and we can’t get to where we need to be unless we get turned down along the way. Be grateful for all of life’s obstacles and hurdles, and that gratitude will attract abundance and wealth in unexpected ways, for gratitude in each moment brings something to be grateful for in each moment.

4.  From T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” cards… “Rich people expect to succeed. They have confidence in their abilities and their creativity, and they believe that they can always find a way to reach their goal.”

I have always known that I would be successful in some way, and I define success for myself. I don’t let others tell me what is or what should be. I find a way to make things happen in order for my dreams to come true, and when things don’t work out exactly right, I look for a different way, but I never quit. It’s true whether I’m trying to fix my bike or trying to accomplish my long-term goal. The attitude is the same – there’s always a way to succeed.

5.  From Robert Scheinfeld in “Busting Loose from The Business Game”… “You don’t have to “create” wealth, financial abundance, prosperity, or “business success.” It’s already yours. It always was. You just hid it from yourself.”

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to apply spiritual principles to finding happiness and success in business.

6.  A mantra that represents the wave-like motion of energy and all things surrounding us, to help those who feel stuck in their meditation and unable to silence their mind. From Dr. Lorin Roche’s article “Wave Motion” in LA YOGA Magazine… “Windsurf the waves, keep skipping from one thought wave to the next to the next, until you feel like jumping off the board and diving in.”

This goes against what you think of when you try to meditate, of completely quieting your mind. This is the opposite where you surf each wave until you find the one you want to meditate on.

7.  From T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” cards … “Everything is energy. Money is energy. Big money takes big energy. So get into shape, eat properly, and get enough rest!”

Getting your mind, body, and soul in shape, like what a regular yoga practice does, prepares you to be ready to handle success.

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From my friend Samantha

8.  I am both the creation and the creator.

9.  Om namah shivaya (I surrender to the one true teacher within and without).

10.  I am enough.

11.  Nothing exists and nothing belongs to me.

12. My true power is within.

From my friend Jacqueline

13. “Ask yourself what is really important and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer.”

Excerpt from a Dr. Lee Jampolsky quote.


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