10 Step DIY Yoga Retreat: Best. Vacation. Ever.

[wp_ad_camp_1]While yoga retreats are awesome, they can be expensive! Depending on where the retreat is located, you might even have to buy a plane ticket to get there. If you are on a budget, no matter where you live, an organized yoga retreat might not be in the cards for you. But I have come up with a clever way to get your yoga retreat fix with out spending a ton of cash on an actual retreat. Get ready for my DO IT YOURSELF guide to a yoga holiday.


1. Pick a destination that you want to go to. 

Maybe it's international, maybe it's domestic. It doesn't matter! If you have the money for a plane ticket, awesome! If not, maybe you can find something that you can drive to. But make sure it is somewhere that you want to visit! Some international ideas are Costa Rica at the Nosara Yoga Institute ; in Bali --The Yoga Barn; Thailand has a ton--Grounded on Koh TaoWild Rose  in Chiang MaiThe Sanctuary on Koh Phangan and many other destinations have great studios in amazing places! Some domestic locations in the States include Los Angeles at Exhale: Center for Sacred Movement, San Francisco at the Yoga Tree, in Phoenix, AZ at the Floating Lotus and so many others around the world!


2. Find a Studio and buy a pass. 

Find a great yoga studio that has a variety of classes throughout the day and buy a pass for 10, 15 or 20 classes depending on how long you plan on being on your yoga holiday. The studio links above all have multiple classes during the day.  Wake up for an early morning class, get breakfast, wander around town. Go to a mid-morning class. Have lunch with your fellow yogis and explore the city in which you are visiting. Return to the studio for an evening or late afternoon class. This is the beauty of picking  a studio with a variety of different classes scheduled throughout the day. Maybe there is even a workshop that you can do over a weekend!

10 Step DIY Yoga Retreat: Best. Vacation. Ever. - www.YogaTravelTree.com

3. Find inexpensive accommodation close to the studio.

Make sure you get your own room because you will more than likely be in bed early and up early to mediate on your own or to take an early class or workshop. I use Airbnb.com to find great rooms for a good price!


4. Eat Healthy.

Find healthy places to eat or if your accommodation gives you access to a kitchen, go and purchase some food to cook.


5. Bring some reading material!

Make sure it's something that you don't normally read about. Focus on learning something. It doesn't need to be yoga related, but it does help to get yourself in the yoga mind-set. Check out this great site for the Top 50 Books for Mind, Body & Spirit.


6. Bring your own mat if possible!

I know sometimes lugging your own mat is tough on an air plane, but it is nice to have your own so that you can practice in the privacy of your room. Manduka has a great travel mat, and yoga towel that are much less bulky than traditional mats.

10 Step DIY Yoga Retreat: Best. Vacation. Ever. - www.YogaTravelTree.com

7. Write in a journal.

There are lots of great sites out there dedicated to spiritual writing and yoga journaling. The Yoga Journal has a few great journaling topics for self-reflection. You might not be the journaling type, but when you are doing serious self-reflecting, you might find yourself wanting to write a letter to someone, or maybe even yourself!


8. Get out there and meet people.

Don't just stay cooped up in your room. Go out into the city or town that you are visiting and meet the local people and put yourself in new and exciting situations. Go explore. Take your self on an adventure.


9. Be open to change.

Notice the little shifts in yourself throughout your week or weekend of self-reflection. See how those shifts make you feel and learn from them.


10. Breathe deeply and Enjoy!


Images via: @mhenning2007