1-Day Juice Cleanse: Does it Actually Do Anything?

Juice cleansing is all the rage, but some of us may question what the point of a one-day juice cleanse is. Does one day of a liquid diet actually do anything for you? Will you notice any differences? Will you really feel any better? Well, last year around springtime, I decided to try it out, and be it that spring is about a month away, it has me thinking about diving into another juice cleanse. So here’s my experience for you to judge if one day of juicing will do YOU any good.

1. I felt so much lighter.

I have to say, the next morning I not only looked svelte, but more importantly, I felt so light and bloat FREE! Have you ever woken up and still felt bloated or heavy from the night before? Yeah, me too, and I hate that! After I did one day of five juices, I truly felt awesome and “floaty!”

2. I had more energy

Coupled with this feeling of lightness, I felt bright and ready for the day. If you can just imagine how many natural sugars and vitamins you are getting from those juices, you can understand why your spirits may feel boosted. It’s a natural high! Think vitamin drip (very Rihanna).

3. I felt full and satisfied.

Some of you may be thinking, “You had to have been hungry,” but truly I wasn’t. I actually had bought myself a sixth drink because I thought that I would be starving at bedtime, but I didn’t even finish that one. I drank less than half!

4. I had peace of mind and clarity.

Not only did I feel lighter, more energetic, and satisfied, but my mind felt clear and calm. Call it the placebo effect or chalk it up to the vitamins, but whatever you believe, I can honestly say that my brain felt de-fogged, and I felt happy knowing that I had done something good for my body. It felt like I had given my body a rest from having to digest any solids and breakdown food. I amped up my vitamins for the day and felt like I gave myself an extra booster shot of health!

To sum it up, yes, I recommend a one-day juice cleanse to introduce you to the world of juicing. You can either buy a set of juices (I used Suja Juice), or you can make your own juices if you have a juicer (the Breville Elite is a great one). **Please note that doing a juice cleanse is a little pricey either if you’re buying the juices or buying the fresh fruits and veggies, and a good juicer may run you a couple hundred dollars; however, if you find that you love juicing, maybe saving up for a good juicer is worth it (I think so!).

Happy Juicing!


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