5 Amazingly Easy Yoga Poses For Teenagers

The adolescent years are the most challenging years of one’s life, both emotionally and physically, for teenagers. Yoga has several benefits for youngsters that can help restore inner peace as well as confidence; and encourage physical fitness among them. It can prove very beneficial during the hormonal boost that is related to adolescence. Doing as little as fifteen minutes of practice each day can help teenagers improve their overall level of physical as well as mental fitness.

Yogasansas are all about the unification of body, mind and soul. Here are five asanas which youngsters can easily practice:

The Warrior Pose

This is a sort of warm-up, standing pose that will give a start to your body. This pose is also known as Virabhadrasana. This will help out the teenagers in focusing their thoughts and will give instant energy. It is very easy to do; stand with both feet together then take your right foot one step back, in 90 degree angle , slowly stretch your hands up over your head and deepen the stretch slightly with each exhalation.

The Triangle Pose

This is also known as Trikonasana. If you take the help of a block or a chair it will become easy to practice. Regular practice of this posture can give a perfect shape to the body of the growing adolcent. Stand straight on rightleg and bend at the hip in such a way that your right hand reaches your shin or the floor. Rotate your shoulders slowly and repeat the process again on the other side. This posture will make you strong to do more difficult asanas easily.

The Tree Pose

 This pose is proving to be very good in releasing frustration and in building your mental power. Place your feet together and make sure that you keep them fixed to the surface of the floor. Then slowly take your one leg in upward direction and hands in prayer position, above your shoulders. Repeat the entire cycle for the other leg too. If you are not able to do these postures at home, then you should go for yoga retreats which also teach the same postures in their classes. Make sure you book a yoga retreat two to three weeks before going.

The Cat Pose

It is also known as Marjariasanaor child pose. This asan reduces back and neck pain through stretching. This position simply requires to rest on your hands and knees, with your belly facing the floor.and slowly take in a deep breath andexhale. Pull in your abdominal muscles, tailbone and butt.. Now curl your back up high this will make you look like a cat

The Back Bends

This asana is best done if you have an exercise ball, as it will provide extra grip and support. Lie on the ball facing up and try to touch the ground with your outstretched palms. This posture will refresh the mind and increase the blood flow, thereby reducing stress. If you are not comfortable in practicing at home, then you must go for a Yoga vacation. If you are planning to travel countries like Italy or Germany, Yoga retreats will be a good option for you.

Marc Feber is a writer and a yoga practitioner. He has discovered the beauty of developing his own style through various practices and writings. From his own experience at a Yoga retreat in Italy, he has come to believe that the human body must always be connected with yoga to live a healthy life. Check out his website for more information!