Mission : Meaningful Travel + Yoga Experiences

Meaningful yoga experiences. Anywhere in the world. Yoga Travel Tree was inspired by the simple idea of creating rich, meaningful yoga adventures around the world. We know from experience that both travel and yoga can be transformative experiences for the mind, body, and soul. At Yoga Travel Tree, we bring the two together to offer travel adventures for the young and the young at heart, for the advanced yogi and those just getting started, for the world traveler and the novice sojourner. All are welcome on our yoga adventures.

Vision : Vibrant Community + Awesome Resource

Bringing together an informative and fun collection of resources for yoga lovers everywhere! We are a dynamic online community of smart people passionate about yoga, health, wellness, laughter, travel, and general awesomeness. YogaTravelTree.com features a massive collection of articles on yoga retreats, yoga events and festivals, yoga teacher trainings, wellness, nutrition, and everything in between, to help educate yogis of all levels and interests.

Run By Travel-Loving Yogis

We're young(ish), fun(ish), wannabe badass yogis who love to travel. And to our horror, we discovered shockingly little information on the internet to help people like us find meaningful and quality yoga experiences. It's just one big yoga lovefest up in here! So in walked YogaTravelTree.com, inspired by our love of yoga, travel, and the tree of life and movement that connects us all.



You Only Go Once. That's our travel philosophy. We foster a sense of adventure and "taste the rainbow" energy in the yoga community. We want you to experience, see, do, taste, meet, smell, feel, and explore as much as you can of this world...through yoga, travel, and adventure.  


We don't want to be like everyone else. We want to always be doing something different, something innovative to help our travelers see the world in new ways.


We believe that every moment, every situation, every adventure is an opportunity to be learning. Even when things don't go as planned. It's the journey that teaches us the most.


There's not a better feeling than asking someone ``how can I serve you today?`` We strive to treat our travelers, our partners, and each other with a attitude of service. Seva. It's a pretty awesome sutra.


We want you to know us, who we are, and why we do what we do. We'll always be a phone call, email, Skype chat, or carrier pigeon away. We're an open book. Ask us anything.


We take our work extremely seriously, but ourselves? Not so much. Life is too short to be rapped up in dogma or judgement. We're all about creating communities where everyone feels welcome and a snort-laugh session is just around the corner.


Brooke Roberts - Founder & CEO


Brooke Roberts is a world traveler and entrepreneur with a bit of a yoga problem. Hailing from a sleepy farm-town in rural Kansas, at 18-years-old Brooke set out to explore the world and never looked back. After rising to the top of the youth travel industry as the Senior Vice President of one of the most successful online resources for travel abroad, Brooke left it all behind to launch her own start-up in the yoga world. After only a year, Yoga Travel Tree has become a prominent resource for yoga teacher trainings, worldwide yoga adventures, and general yoga goodness online. Before launching her own company, Brooke worked for nearly a decade building and promoting international education programs in higher education. And with a passion for teaching and helping others create their dream careers and lives, she founded the Soulful Business Bootcamp where she helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch businesses with heart, hustle, and a lot of soul. Connect with Brooke on Instagram and Twitter as @TheNewDorothy.

Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and Namibia, on a giant ship, I found my yoga.
— Brooke Roberts

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